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The meaning of Diner

Diner – definition


A person who is eating, typically a customer in a restaurant.

Usage examples:

Brave restaurant workers and a diner disarmed a customer who pulled out a gun in a dispute over an …

A dining car on a train.

Usage examples:

We boarded and the diner had closed for the evening and the club car was only opened until midnight.

Diner translation into English

Diner: translate from English into Chinese

Translate diner into Chinese (Simplified)}
晚餐, 餐车, 饭店, 用餐者

Diner: translate from English into Dutch

Translate diner into Dutch}
Diner, Restauratiewagen

Diner: translate from English into French

Translate diner into French}
Le dîner, Dîneur, Gargotte, Wagon-restaurant

Diner: translate from English into German

Translate diner into German}
Abendessen, Gast, Speisewagen, Speiselokal, Esser, Esslokal

Diner: translate from English into Hindi

Translate diner into Hindi}
भोजन करनेवाला, दोपहर का खाना खानेवाला, मध्याह्न का भोजन करनेवाला, भोजनगृह, (रेल में) खाने की गाड़ी, वह डिब्‍बा जिसमें भोजन का प्रबंध रहता है

Diner: translate from English into Italian

Translate diner into Italian}
Cena, Commensale, Trattoria, Tavola, Cliente

Diner: translate from English into Korean

Translate diner into Korean}
식당, 식당차, 식사하는 사람

Diner: translate from English into Russian

Translate diner into Russian}
Закусочная, Обедающий, Небольшой ресторанчик, Вагон-ресторан, Человек, обедающий вне дома

Diner: translate from English into Spanish

Translate diner into Spanish}
Cena, Comedor, Comensal, Cafetería, Restaurante económico, Restaurante barato, Restaurante no rico, Coche-comedor

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