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The meaning of Dike


Dike – definition


Variant spelling of dyke1.


Variant spelling of dyke2.


A long wall or embankment built to prevent flooding from the sea.


A ditch or watercourse.


An intrusion of igneous rock cutting across existing strata.


A toilet.


Provide (land) with a wall or embankment to prevent flooding.

Usage examples:

They dyked the marshland along the rivers to provide pasture in summer

A lesbian.


A layer of newer rock that is created when melted rock flows into spaces in older rock and then hardens

Dike translation into English

Dike: translate from English into Chinese

Translate dike into Chinese (Simplified)}
堤, 堤防, 堤围, 圩, 圩子, 圩垸

Dike: translate from English into Dutch

Translate dike into Dutch}
Dijk, Indijken, Waterkering, Dam, Gracht, Sloot, Kloof, Met een sloot omgeven

Dike: translate from English into French

Translate dike into French}
Digue, Endiguer, Fossé, Levée, Mur, Gouine, Passage, Barrer, Barricade, Muret, Faire une levée

Dike: translate from English into German

Translate dike into German}
Deich, Damm

Dike: translate from English into Hindi

Translate dike into Hindi}
तटबंध, डाइक, बांध, नाला, आड़, सेतु, खाई, नाली, बंद, रोक, स्र्कावट, ख़ंदक़, खंदक, भित्ति

Dike: translate from English into Italian

Translate dike into Italian}
Diga, Argine

Dike: translate from English into Korean

Translate dike into Korean}
제방, 암맥, 방축, 방벽, 도랑

Dike: translate from English into Russian

Translate dike into Russian}
Плотина, Дамба, Дайка, Гать, Ров, Защитная дамба, Канава, Сточная канава, Окапывать рвом, Уборная, Запруда, Преграда, Препятствие, Каменная ограда, Дерновая ограда, Дейк, Защищать дамбой, Осушать канавами, Мочить в канавах

Dike: translate from English into Spanish

Translate dike into Spanish}
Dique, Canal, Tortillera, Acequia, Lesbiana, Estacada, Puta

Word origin

1930s: origin uncertain: probably from bull dyke.

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