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The meaning of Diddles


Diddles – definition


Cheat or swindle (someone) so as to deprive them of something.

Usage examples:

He thought he'd been diddled out of his change

Pass time aimlessly or unproductively.

Usage examples:

I felt sorry for her, diddling around in her room while her friends were having a good time

Have sex with (someone).


To get money from someone in a way that is not honest

Usage examples:

He diddled me! he said that there were six in a bag, but there were only five., i checked the bill …

Diddles translation into English

Diddles: translate from English into Chinese

Translate diddles into Chinese (Simplified)}

Diddles: translate from English into Dutch

Translate diddles into Dutch}
Gek doen, Afzetten, Bedotten, Wankelen, Waggelen

Diddles: translate from English into French

Translate diddles into French}
Dupes, Duper, Carotter, Escroquer

Diddles: translate from English into German

Translate diddles into German}
Geschwätz, Herumzappeln, Türken

Diddles: translate from English into Hindi

Translate diddles into Hindi}
डिडल्स, लुढ़का, बिगाड़ देना, बिगाड़ करना, बिगाड़ना, बहकाना, धाखि देना, ठगना, तबाह करना

Diddles: translate from English into Italian

Translate diddles into Italian}
Diddles, Imbrogliare

Diddles: translate from English into Korean

Translate diddles into Korean}
낙서, 속이다, 앞뒤로 심하게 움직이게 하다, 앞뒤로 심하게 움직이다

Diddles: translate from English into Russian

Translate diddles into Russian}
Обманывает, Надувать, Обманывать, Тратить время зря, Губить, Разводить, Облапошивать, Разорять дотла

Diddles: translate from English into Spanish

Translate diddles into Spanish}
Pajote, Estafar, Estafar algo a uno, Embaucar

Word origin

early 19th century: probably from the name of Jeremy Diddler, a character in the farce Raising the Wind (1803) by the Irish dramatist James Kenney (1780–1849). Diddler constantly borrowed and

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