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The meaning of Deck


Deck – definition


A floor of a ship, especially the upper, open level extending for the full length of the vessel.

Usage examples:

He stood on the deck of his flagship

A component or unit for playing or recording records, tapes, or compact discs.

Usage examples:

A record deck

A pack of cards.

Usage examples:

Craig reached into his pocket and caressed his lucky deck of cards

Knock (someone) to the ground with a punch.

Usage examples:

Lisa threatened to deck her if she didn't stop filming

Any of various platforms built into a sailing vessel

Deck translation into English

Deck: translate from English into Chinese

Translate deck into Chinese (Simplified)}
甲板, 阳台, 装饰, 打扮, 覆盖物, 舱面

Deck: translate from English into Dutch

Translate deck into Dutch}
Dek, Spel, Kaarten, Dak, Versieren, Scheepsdek, Verdek, Tooien

Deck: translate from English into French

Translate deck into French}
Plate-forme, Pont, Platine, Orner, Décorer, Table de lecture, Accumuler, Faire charger, Faire orner

Deck: translate from English into German

Translate deck into German}
Deck, Terrasse, Spiel, Spielkarten

Deck: translate from English into Hindi

Translate deck into Hindi}
जहाज़ की छत, डेक, छत, सज देना, सजाना, संवारना, ढांकना, अलंकृत करना, आरास्ता करना, सुशोभित करना, नाव का तला, नौकापृष्ठ, जहाज की छत

Deck: translate from English into Italian

Translate deck into Italian}
Ponte, Mazzo, Coperta, Piano, Coprire, Rivestire, Adornare

Deck: translate from English into Korean

Translate deck into Korean}
갑판, 덱, 한벌, 지면, 객차 지붕, 테이프 덱, 마약 봉지, 부제, 갑판을 깔다, 때려눕히다

Deck: translate from English into Russian

Translate deck into Russian}
Палуба, Колода, Палубный, Настил, Украшать, Опалубка, Съемный верх, Пол в вагоне трамвая, Убирать, Складной верх, Крыша вагона, Пол в вагоне автобуса, Земля, Суша, Пакет перфокарт, Настилать палубу, Покрывать

Deck: translate from English into Spanish

Translate deck into Spanish}
Plataforma, Cubierta, Baraja, Piso, Platina, Suelo, Superficie, Engalanar, Adorno, Saqueo para todo, Diestro en, Derribar de un golpe

Word origin

late Middle English: from Middle Dutch dec ‘covering, roof, cloak’, dekken ‘to cover’. Originally denoting canvas used to make a covering (especially on a ship), the term came to mean the cov

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