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The meaning of Damask


Damask – definition


A rich, heavy silk or linen fabric with a pattern woven into it, used for table linen and upholstery.

Usage examples:

The walls are covered with faded red damask

Having the velvety pink or light red colour of a damask rose.

Usage examples:

Her damask cheek

Short for damask rose.


Another term for damascus steel.


Decorate with or as if with a variegated pattern.

Usage examples:

Flowers damask the fragrant seat

A type of heavy cloth that has a pattern woven into it that is the same colour as the cloth

Usage examples:

A white damask tablecloth

Damask translation into English

Damask: translate from English into Chinese

Translate damask into Chinese (Simplified)}
绫, 锦缎, 缎子, 绮, 波纹, 斜纹布的, 缎的

Damask: translate from English into Dutch

Translate damask into Dutch}
Damast, Damasten, Damascener, Gedamasceerd, Lichtrood, Damascering, Rood kleuren, Damascusrood, Rood weren, Als damast weren, Damasceren, Bloedrood

Damask: translate from English into French

Translate damask into French}
Damassé, Damas, De damas

Damask: translate from English into German

Translate damask into German}
Damast, Damasten, Damaszen

Damask: translate from English into Hindi

Translate damask into Hindi}
जामदानी, हलका रंग, जामदानी रंग का, हलक लाल, बुटेदार कपड़ा, धूप-छाँह, बेल-बुटेदार रेशमी वस्‍त्र, संकांशुक, उक्‍त फूल का रंग, दमिश्‍की गुलाब

Damask: translate from English into Italian

Translate damask into Italian}
Damasco, Damascare

Damask: translate from English into Korean

Translate damask into Korean}
장미색, 장미색의, 다마스크 강철의, 다마스크 천의, 다마스크 강철, 다마스크 천

Damask: translate from English into Russian

Translate damask into Russian}
Булат, Дамаст, Алый, Камка, Булатный, Камчатный, Дамасская сталь, Украшать насечкой из золота, Воронить, Сделанный из дамасской стали, Камчатное полотно, Алый цвет, Ткать с узорами, Украшать насечкой из серебра

Damask: translate from English into Spanish

Translate damask into Spanish}
Damasco, Adamascado

Word origin

late Middle English: from Damaske, early form of the name of Damascus, where the fabric was first produced.

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