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The meaning of Credit


Credit – definition


The ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future.

Usage examples:

I've got unlimited credit

An entry recording a sum received, listed on the right-hand side or column of an account.

Usage examples:

The columns should be added across and down and the total debits should equal the total credits

Public acknowledgement or praise, given or received when a person's responsibility for an action or idea becomes apparent.

Usage examples:

The prime minister was quick to claim the credit for abolishing the tax

The acknowledgement of a student's completion of a course or activity that counts towards a degree or diploma as maintained in a school's records.

Usage examples:

A student can earn one unit of academic credit

The quality of being believed or credited.

Usage examples:

The abstract philosophy of cicero has lost its credit

Publicly acknowledge a contributor's role in the production of (something published or broadcast).

Usage examples:

The screenplay is credited to one american and two japanese writers

Add (an amount of money) to an account.

Usage examples:

This deferred tax can be credited to the profit and loss account

An estimate of ability to fulfill financial commitments


A method of buying goods or services that allows you to pay for them in the future

Usage examples:

We bought our sofa on credit., the bank offers small businesses credit., [ u ] you have to give him…

A method of paying for goods or services at a later time, usually paying interest as well as the original amount

Usage examples:

Give/extend/offer credit to sb u.s. banks are reluctant to extend credit to the troubled nation., d…

Credit translation into English

Credit: translate from English into Chinese

Translate credit into Chinese (Simplified)}
信用, 归功于, 信誉, 贷款, 学分, 信任, 帐

Credit: translate from English into Dutch

Translate credit into Dutch}
Credit, Crediteren, Krediet, Tegoed, Eer, Creditzijde, Geloof, Vertrouwen, Goede naam, Geloven, Aanzien, Gezag, Invloed

Credit: translate from English into French

Translate credit into French}
Le crédit, Crédit, Honneur, Créditeur, Réputation, Débiteur, Débiter, Avoir crédit, Ratifier, Ratification

Credit: translate from English into German

Translate credit into German}
Anerkennung, Kredit, Gutschrift, Kreditieren, Guthaben, Verdienst, Ehre, Akkreditiv, Gutschreiben, Zuschreiben, Glauben, Glaube

Credit: translate from English into Hindi

Translate credit into Hindi}
श्रेय, साख, प्रत्यय, प्रसिद्धि, जमा धन, आकलन करना, (धन) जमा करना, जमा खाते लिखना, श्रेय देना

Credit: translate from English into Italian

Translate credit into Italian}
Credito, Accreditare, Merito, Reputazione, Fiducia, Attribuire, Credere, Stima, Credenza, Dar credito a, Prestar fede

Credit: translate from English into Korean

Translate credit into Korean}
신용 거래, 신용, 크레디트, 여신, 대변, 신용장, 신뢰, 명성, 신용 대부, 예금, 예금액, 인정함, 믿다, 명예가 되는 것, 수료증명, 이수증명, 대변에 기입하다, ...에게 학점을 주다, ...에게 이수증명을 주다

Credit: translate from English into Russian

Translate credit into Russian}
Кредит, Кредитный, Кредитовать, Зачет, Честь, Доверие, Похвала, Долг, Уважение, Доверять, Верить, Признательность, Вера, Доброе имя, Приписывать, Хорошая репутация, Влияние, Значение, Сумма, записанная на приход

Credit: translate from English into Spanish

Translate credit into Spanish}
Crédito, Acreditar, Abonar, Honor, Creer, Fiado, Dinero a deuda

Word origin

mid 16th century (originally in the senses ‘belief’, ‘credibility’): from French crédit, probably via Italian credito from Latin creditum, neuter past participle of credere ‘believe, trust’.

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