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The meaning of Crawl

Crawl – definition


Move forward on the hands and knees or by dragging the body close to the ground.

Usage examples:

They crawled from under the table

Behave obsequiously or ingratiatingly in the hope of gaining someone's favour.

Usage examples:

A reporter's job can involve crawling to objectionable people

Be covered or crowded with (insects or people), to an extent that is objectionable.

Usage examples:

The floor was dirty and crawling with bugs

(of a program) systematically visit (a number of web pages) in order to create an index of data.

Usage examples:

Its automated software robots crawl websites, grabbing copies of pages to index

An act of moving on one's hands and knees or dragging one's body along the ground.

Usage examples:

They began the crawl back to their own lines

A swimming stroke involving alternate overarm movements and rapid kicks of the legs.

Usage examples:

She could do the crawl and so many other strokes

Move slowly


To move slowly with the body stretched out along the ground or (of a human) on hands and knees

Usage examples:

A caterpillar crawling in the grass, the child crawled across the floor., fig. the train crawled sl…

Crawl translation into English

Crawl: translate from English into Chinese

Translate crawl into Chinese (Simplified)}
爬行, 爬, 爬泳, 自由泳, 匍, 扒

Crawl: translate from English into Dutch

Translate crawl into Dutch}
Kruipen, Sluipen, Krieuwelen, Kriebelen, Viskaar

Crawl: translate from English into French

Translate crawl into French}
Crawl, Ramper, Se traîner, Grimper, Nager, Marcher lentement, Allure très ralentie, Natation rapide, Poussette

Crawl: translate from English into German

Translate crawl into German}
Kriechen, Krabbeln, Schleichen, Kraul, Robben, Kraulen, Rutschen, Schneckentempo, Kraulstil, Schleimen, Kriechentempo, Kneipenbummel, Rad fahren, Schwänzeln

Crawl: translate from English into Hindi

Translate crawl into Hindi}
घुटनों के बल चलना, रंग, मंदगति, घिसटना

Crawl: translate from English into Italian

Translate crawl into Italian}
Strisciare, Crawl, Andare carponi, Avanzare lentamente, Moto lento

Crawl: translate from English into Korean

Translate crawl into Korean}
기다, 포복, 댄스, 활어조, 들끓다, 크롤 수영법, 기어가다, 서행하다, 살금살금 걸어다니다, 우글거리다, 근질근질하다

Crawl: translate from English into Russian

Translate crawl into Russian}
Ползти, Ползать, Ползание, Кроль, Елозить, Пресмыкаться, Расползаться, Кишеть, Пресмыкательство, Медленное движение, Плавать кролем, Затон, Тащиться, Кишеть насекомыми, Чувствовать мурашки по телу, Плыть стилем 'кроль'

Crawl: translate from English into Spanish

Translate crawl into Spanish}
Gatear, Arrastrarse, Crawl, Arrastramiento, Crol, Gateo, Marcha lenta, Rebajarse, Camino a gatas

Word origin

Middle English: of unknown origin; possibly related to Swedish kravla and Danish kravle .

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