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The meaning of Copy


Copy – definition


A thing made to be similar or identical to another.

Usage examples:

The problem is telling which is the original document and which the copy

A single specimen of a particular book, record, or other publication or issue.

Usage examples:

The record has sold more than a million copies

Matter to be printed.

Usage examples:

Copy for the next issue must be submitted by the beginning of the month

A blank booklet or notebook used for schoolwork.

Usage examples:

Examinees will not be allowed to take pens, copies, or water bottles inside the test centre

Make a similar or identical version of; reproduce.

Usage examples:

Each form had to be copied and sent to a different department

Imitate the style or behaviour of.

Usage examples:

Lifestyles that were copied from miami and fifth avenue

Hear or understand someone speaking on a radio transmitter.

Usage examples:

This is edwards, do you copy, over

To produce something that is exactly like another thing, or to do something meant to be like someone or something else

Usage examples:

The design was copied from a 19th-century wallpaper., he copied the file onto a diskette., she writ…

A single book, newspaper, cd, or other printed or recorded product, of which many have been produced

Usage examples:

The 600-page volume has become an instant hit, selling 250,000 copies since its publication in octo…

Copy translation into English

Copy: translate from English into Chinese

Translate copy into Chinese (Simplified)}
复制, 复印, 拷贝, 抄, 复本, 份, 仿, 照搬, 模仿, 仿造, 摹, 仿制, 抄录, 抄写, 摹本, 誊, 抄件, 录, 摹仿, 仿效, 缮, 套, 发行, 描, 因袭, 编, 继, 摸, 学舌, 榜样, 临写, 仿制品

Copy: translate from English into Dutch

Translate copy into Dutch}
Kopiëren, Kopie, Exemplaar, Afschrift, Copie, Kopij, Afdruk, Nabootsing, Copiëren, Namaken, Nadoen, Nabootsen, Overschrijven, Afschrijven, Overschrijving, Naschrijven

Copy: translate from English into French

Translate copy into French}
Copie, Copier, Exemplaire, Expédition, Reproduire, Imiter, Faire copie, Truquer

Copy: translate from English into German

Translate copy into German}
Kopieren, Kopie, Exemplar, Abschrift, Ausfertigung, Abbild, Nachbildung, Vervielfältigung, Abdruck, Durchschlag, Abzug, Nachahmung, Vervielfältigen, Übertragen, Druck, Abschreiben, Nachahmen, Nachmachen, Nachbilden, Pause, Imitieren, Nachäffen, Abgucken, Nacharbeiten, Linsen, Spicken, Absehen

Copy: translate from English into Hindi

Translate copy into Hindi}
प्रतिलिपि, नकल, प्रति, कापी, अनुकृति, नक़ल करना, अनुकरण करना, किसी की अनुकृति करना

Copy: translate from English into Italian

Translate copy into Italian}
Copia, Copiare, Esemplare, Riproduzione, Riprodurre, Ricopiare, Imitare, Minuta, Spunto, Argomento

Copy: translate from English into Korean

Translate copy into Korean}
복사, 부, 본, 통, 원고, 모사, 광고문, 등사, 베끼다, 복사 인화, 몰래 베끼다, 뜨다, 광고문안, 모방하다, ...을 그대로 베끼다, 복사하다

Copy: translate from English into Russian

Translate copy into Russian}
Копировать, Копия, Экземпляр, Образец, Рукопись, Репродукция, Списать, Переписывать, Списывать, Подражать, Воспроизводить, Срисовать, Делать копию, Снимать копию, Перерисовывать, Перечерчивать, Выписывать, Брать за образец, Делать по шаблону, Материал для статьи, Материал для книги

Copy: translate from English into Spanish

Translate copy into Spanish}
Copiar, Copia, Ejemplar, Número, Imitación, Imitar, Repetición, Trasuntar, Multiplicar

Word origin

Middle English (denoting a transcript or copy of a document): from Old French copie (noun), copier (verb), from Latin copia ‘abundance’ (in medieval Latin ‘transcript’, from such phrases as c

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