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Content – definition


In a state of peaceful happiness.

Usage examples:

He seemed more content, less bitter

Satisfy (someone).

Usage examples:

Nothing would content her apart from going off to barcelona

A member of the british house of lords who votes for a particular motion.

Usage examples:

The chairman of the committee said he was disappointed at the prospect of the contents of the house…

The things that are held or included in something.

Usage examples:

She unscrewed the top of the flask and drank the contents

Pleased with your situation and not needing or desiring it to be better

Usage examples:

Skating this year with a sprained ankle, he said he was content just to make the olympic team., our…

Everything that is contained within something

Usage examples:

A spokesman has refused to disclose the contents of the shipment., her parents' home contents insur…

Pleased with your situation and not hoping for change or improvement

Usage examples:

Content with he seems fairly content with (his) life., [ + to infinitive ] they're content to socia…

To make someone feel happy and satisfied

Usage examples:

You're quite easily contented, aren't you?, my explanation seemed to content him.

A happy and satisfied feeling

Usage examples:

Once had he resolved what to do, there followed almost immediately a feeling of content.

The articles or parts contained in a magazine or book, with the number of the page they begin on

Usage examples:

Table of contents scroll down the table of (= list of) contents to find areas that interest you.

The ideas that are contained in a piece of writing, a speech, or a film

Usage examples:

It's a very stylish and beautiful film, but it lacks content., we've discussed the unusual form of …

Information, images, video, etc. that are included as part of something such as a website

Usage examples:

All this cool content is available to subscribers only., he used a work account to download and sha…

The amount of a particular substance contained in something

Usage examples:

High fat content chocolate has a high fat content.

Content translation into English

Content: translate from English into Chinese

Translate content into Chinese (Simplified)}
内容, 含量, 满足, 物, 事由, 邃, 怿, 逌, 安, 满意的, 容度

Content: translate from English into Dutch

Translate content into Dutch}
Inhoud, Gehalte, Tevreden, Tevredenheid, Genoegen, Voldaan, Tevredenstellen, Vergenoegen, Inhoudsgrootte

Content: translate from English into French

Translate content into French}
Contenu, Content, Teneur, Satisfait, Heureux, Contentement, Satisfaction

Content: translate from English into German

Translate content into German}
Inhalt, Gehalt, Zufrieden, Zufriedenheit, Zufrieden stellen, Saturieren

Content: translate from English into Hindi

Translate content into Hindi}
विषय, संतुष्ट, तृप्त, संतुष्टि, आनंदित, संतुष्टि प्रदान करना, विचार या धारणा का मूल तत्व, प्रकरण, अंतर्निहित वस्तु

Content: translate from English into Italian

Translate content into Italian}
Contenuto, Soddisfare, Accontentare, Contento, Soddisfatto, Quantità, Concetto

Content: translate from English into Korean

Translate content into Korean}
콘텐츠, 함유량, 만족, 실속, 속알맹이, 만족하는, 만족을 주다, 찬성하는, ...에 만족하다

Content: translate from English into Russian

Translate content into Russian}
Содержание, Содержимое, Довольствоваться, Доля, Довольный, Объем, Суть, Удовлетворение, Сущность, Удовольствие, Довольство, Емкость, Удовлетворять, Вместимость, Чувство удовлетворения, Согласный, Голосующий за, Голос 'за'

Content: translate from English into Spanish

Translate content into Spanish}
Contenido, Contento, Satisfecho, Contentar, Cabida, Satisfacer, Índice de materias, Con cara contenta, Descripción

Word origin

late Middle English: from medieval Latin contentum (plural contenta ‘things contained’), neuter past participle of continere (see contain).

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