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The meaning of Concur

Concur – definition


Happen or occur at the same time; coincide.

Usage examples:

In tests, cytogenetic determination has been found to concur with enzymatic determination

To agree or have the same opinion as someone else

Usage examples:

He said the mayor should not be reelected, and the voters concurred.

To agree with someone or something

Usage examples:

Concur with sb/sth the new report concurs with previous findings., concur that the board members co…

Concur translation into English

Concur: translate from English into Chinese

Translate concur into Chinese (Simplified)}
同意, 赞成, 同时发生, 合作

Concur: translate from English into Dutch

Translate concur into Dutch}
Mee eens, Overeenstemmen, Samenvallen, Het eens zijn, Bijdragen, Meewerken, Samenwerken, Medewerken

Concur: translate from English into French

Translate concur into French}
D'accord, Convenir, Concorder, Se collaborer, Être d'accord

Concur: translate from English into German

Translate concur into German}
Stimme zu, Übereinstimmen, Kongruieren

Concur: translate from English into Hindi

Translate concur into Hindi}
सहमत होना, मेल खाना, सहमति प्रकट करना, मिलना, एक मत होना, मिलना-जुलना

Concur: translate from English into Italian

Translate concur into Italian}
Concordano, Concorrere, Concordare, Contribuire, Accordarsi, Essere d'accordo

Concur: translate from English into Korean

Translate concur into Korean}
동의, 공동으로 작용하다, 동시에 일어나다, 동의하다

Concur: translate from English into Russian

Translate concur into Russian}
Соглашаться, Совпадать, Действовать сообща, Действовать совместно, Сходиться во мнениях

Concur: translate from English into Spanish

Translate concur into Spanish}
Concurrir, Coincidir, Convenir

Word origin

late Middle English (also in the senses ‘collide’ and ‘act in combination’): from Latin concurrere ‘run together, assemble in crowds’, from con- ‘together with’ + currere ‘to run’.

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