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The meaning of Come out


Come out – definition

phrasal verb

Appear or become visible; make a showing

phrasal verb

(of a fact) emerge; become known.

Usage examples:

It came out that he had been leading a secret double life
phrasal verb

To become known or be made public

Usage examples:

When the facts came out, there was public outrage., her latest book is coming out in july., later i…

Come out translation into English

Come out: translate from English into Chinese

Translate come out into Chinese (Simplified)}
出来, 问世, 出, 露出, 出版

Come out: translate from English into Dutch

Translate come out into Dutch}
Naar buiten komen, Verschijnen

Come out: translate from English into French

Translate come out into French}
Sortir, Paraître, Se manifester, Être publié, Déteindre, S'enlever

Come out: translate from English into German

Translate come out into German}
Herauskommen, Kommen, Erscheinen, Austreten, Heraustreten, Aufgehen, Ausfahren, Vorkommen, Auf den markt kommen, Ausrasten, Aufkommen, Durchkommen, Ausreißen, Debütieren

Come out: translate from English into Hindi

Translate come out into Hindi}
बाहर आओ, निर्गत, निकलना, उतरना, हड़ताल कर देना, सफल होना, स्पष्ट होना, छपना

Come out: translate from English into Italian

Translate come out into Italian}
Uscire, Venire, Fuoriuscire, Risultare, Riuscire, Sboccare, Spuntare, Sfogare, Terminare

Come out: translate from English into Korean

Translate come out into Korean}
나오다, 나타나다, ...에서 나오다

Come out: translate from English into Russian

Translate come out into Russian}
Публично заявить, Выходить, Выступить, Вылезать, Появляться, Выезжать, Выскочить, Выскакивать, Проявляться, Получаться, Выниматься, Облезать, Извлекаться, Обнаруживаться, Дебютировать, Бастовать, Забастовать, Выставляться, Пробалтываться

Come out: translate from English into Spanish

Translate come out into Spanish}
Salga, Salir, Aparecer, Revelarse, Quitarse, Quedarse, Declararse, Florecer, Estrenarse, Declarar, Dejarse, Hacerse conocer, Ponerse de algo, Sufrir auge, Ser presentado, Sufrir florecimiento, Mostrarse, Publicarse

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