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The meaning of Coheres


Coheres – definition


Form a unified whole.

Usage examples:

He made the series of fictions cohere into a convincing sequence

(of an argument or theory) be logically consistent.

Usage examples:

This view does not cohere with their other beliefs

If an argument or theory coheres, all the different stages fit together to form a reasonable whole.

Usage examples:

His vision is of a world that coheres through human connection rather than rules.

Coheres translation into English

Coheres: translate from English into Chinese

Translate coheres into Chinese (Simplified)}
凝聚力, 粘着, 附著

Coheres: translate from English into Dutch

Translate coheres into Dutch}
Samenhangt, Samenhangen

Coheres: translate from English into French

Translate coheres into French}
Cohérent, Adhérer, Être cohérent

Coheres: translate from English into German

Translate coheres into German}
Zusammenhängt, Zusammenhängen, Kohärent sein, In sich geschlossen sein, Eine einheit bilden, Ein ganzes bilden, Zusammenhängend sein

Coheres: translate from English into Hindi

Translate coheres into Hindi}
साथ रहता है, जुटना, गुथना, अनुकूल होना, दस्त-बदस्त लड़ना

Coheres: translate from English into Italian

Translate coheres into Italian}
Coerente, Aderire, Essere coerente, Avere coesione

Coheres: translate from English into Korean

Translate coheres into Korean}
응집하다, 밀착하다, 조리가 서다

Coheres: translate from English into Russian

Translate coheres into Russian}
Сцепляется, Быть сцепленным, Быть объединенным, Быть членораздельным, Согласовываться, Соответствовать, Скоординироваться, Быть связным

Coheres: translate from English into Spanish

Translate coheres into Spanish}
Cohesiona, Adherirse, Ser consecuentes, Pegarse

Word origin

mid 16th century: from Latin cohaerere, from co- ‘together’ + haerere ‘to stick’.

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