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The meaning of Cocoon


Cocoon – definition


A silky case spun by the larvae of many insects for protection as pupae.

Usage examples:

The moth emerged from its pale yellow papery cocoon

A covering that prevents the corrosion of metal equipment.


Envelop in a protective or comforting way.

Usage examples:

We felt cold even though we were cocooned in our sleeping bags

Spray with a protective coating.


The silky covering that encloses and protects caterpillars (= a type of insect) during a stage in their lives before they develop into adults

Usage examples:

The warm, safe cocoon of childhood

Cocoon translation into English

Cocoon: translate from English into Chinese

Translate cocoon into Chinese (Simplified)}
茧, 包裹, 包住

Cocoon: translate from English into Dutch

Translate cocoon into Dutch}
Cocon, Pop

Cocoon: translate from English into French

Translate cocoon into French}
Cocon, Bien à l'abri

Cocoon: translate from English into German

Translate cocoon into German}
Kokon, Puppe, Gespinst

Cocoon: translate from English into Hindi

Translate cocoon into Hindi}
कोकून, कोया, कोश, कोकन, कच्चे रेशम का कोवा, कोष

Cocoon: translate from English into Italian

Translate cocoon into Italian}

Cocoon: translate from English into Korean

Translate cocoon into Korean}
고치, 난낭, 방수 피복, 고치를 만들다, 고치로 싸다

Cocoon: translate from English into Russian

Translate cocoon into Russian}
Кокон, Шелковичный кокон, Откладывать про запас, Ставить на консервацию, Закутывать, Делать кокон

Cocoon: translate from English into Spanish

Translate cocoon into Spanish}
Capullo, Envuelto, Envolver

Word origin

late 17th century: from French cocon, from medieval Provençal coucoun ‘eggshell, cocoon’, diminutive of coca ‘shell’. The verb dates from the mid 19th century.

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