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Cockle – definition


An edible burrowing bivalve mollusc with a strong ribbed shell.

Usage examples:

Naturally i look for something a little different such as pepperami, garlic sausage meat, strong sm…

A small, shallow boat.

Usage examples:

The crew of both remaining cockleshells placed limpet mines on the merchant ships they found in the…

(of paper) form wrinkles or puckers.

Usage examples:

Thin or lightweight paper cockles and warps when subjected to watercolour

A small, rounded sea creature with a shell, common in europe. cockles can be cooked and eaten.

Cockle translation into English

Cockle: translate from English into Chinese

Translate cockle into Chinese (Simplified)}
鸟蛤, 蜊

Cockle: translate from English into Dutch

Translate cockle into Dutch}
Kokkel, Haantje, Soort mossel

Cockle: translate from English into French

Translate cockle into French}
Coque, Coquille de noix, Se froisser, Petit canot, Pliure, Se chiffonner

Cockle: translate from English into German

Translate cockle into German}

Cockle: translate from English into Hindi

Translate cockle into Hindi}
बल, कोक्ल, बल खाना, सिकुड़ना, उभरना, निकलना, निकालना

Cockle: translate from English into Italian

Translate cockle into Italian}
Galletto, Tellina

Cockle: translate from English into Korean

Translate cockle into Korean}
조가비, 새조개 무리, 구기다, 주름살, 스토브, 바닥이 얕은 작은 배, 선옹초

Cockle: translate from English into Russian

Translate cockle into Russian}
Куколка, Съедобный моллюск, Морщиться, Изъян, Морщиниться, Куколь посевной, Покрываться барашками, Покрываться складками, Морщина, Плевел опьяняющий, Печь для сушки хмеля, Раковина моллюска, Завертывать винтом, Коробиться, Завертываться спиралью, Завертываться винтом, Завертывать спиралью

Cockle: translate from English into Spanish

Translate cockle into Spanish}
Berberecho, Arruga

Word origin

mid 16th century: from French coquiller ‘blister (bread in cooking)’, from coquille ‘shell’ (see cockle1).

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