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The meaning of Cobble


Cobble – definition


A small round stone used to cover road surfaces.

Usage examples:

The sound of horses' hooves on the cobbles

Roughly assemble or produce something from available parts or elements.

Usage examples:

The film was imperfectly cobbled together from two separate stories

Repair (shoes).

Usage examples:

It had a tarnished brass knocker showing a pixie cobbling shoes

A rounded stone used on the surface of an old-fashioned road

Usage examples:

The cart rumbled over the cobbles.

Cobble translation into English

Cobble: translate from English into Chinese

Translate cobble into Chinese (Simplified)}
鹅卵石, 卵石, 石子, 补丁

Cobble: translate from English into Dutch

Translate cobble into Dutch}
Kasseien, Lappen, Keisteen, Bekeien

Cobble: translate from English into French

Translate cobble into French}
Bricoler, Pavé, Paver, Pavé rond

Cobble: translate from English into German

Translate cobble into German}
Kopfsteinpflaster, Kopfstein, Pflasterstein, Flicken, Pflastern, Zusammenflicken

Cobble: translate from English into Hindi

Translate cobble into Hindi}
रास्ते का पत्थर, बुरा काम, फ़र्श का पत्थर, पक्की सड़क करना, पक्की सड़क बनाना, पैवंद लगाना, थिगली लगाना, बटिया, पत्थर जो पानी से चिकना हो गया हो

Cobble: translate from English into Italian

Translate cobble into Italian}
Ciottolo, Rattoppare, Acciottolare, Acciabattare

Cobble: translate from English into Korean

Translate cobble into Korean}
자갈, 석탄, 자갈 만한 석탄, 자갈을 깐 길, 수선하다, 자갈을 깔다

Cobble: translate from English into Russian

Translate cobble into Russian}
Булыжник, Крупный уголь, Грубая заплата, Плохо сделанная работа, Мостить булыжником, Вымащивать, Чинить, Латать

Cobble: translate from English into Spanish

Translate cobble into Spanish}
Adoquín, Guijarro, Remandar, Enguijarrar

Word origin

late 15th century: back-formation from cobbler.

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