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The meaning of Chicken


Chicken – definition


A domestic fowl kept for its eggs or meat, especially a young one.

Usage examples:

Rationing was still in force and most people kept chickens

A cowardly person; a coward.

Usage examples:

You're right - i am a chicken, scared of everything and anything.


Usage examples:

I was too chicken to go to court

Withdraw from or fail in something through lack of nerve.

Usage examples:

The referee chickened out of giving a penalty

Chicken translation into English

Chicken: translate from English into Chinese

Translate chicken into Chinese (Simplified)}
鸡, 鸡肉, 雏鸡, 鸡子

Chicken: translate from English into Dutch

Translate chicken into Dutch}
Kip, Kuiken, Kippevlees

Chicken: translate from English into French

Translate chicken into French}
Poulet, Poussin, Froussard

Chicken: translate from English into German

Translate chicken into German}
Hähnchen, Huhn, Hühnchen, Küken, Kleine, Hosenscheißer, Mieze, Kneifer

Chicken: translate from English into Hindi

Translate chicken into Hindi}
मुर्गा, चिकन, चूज़ा, चूज़े का मांस, चिंगना, कुक्कुटशाव, चूजा, मुर्गी का बच्चा

Chicken: translate from English into Italian

Translate chicken into Italian}
Pollo, Pollastro

Chicken: translate from English into Korean

Translate chicken into Korean}
닭, 치킨, 닭고기, 병아리, 겁쟁이, 어린애, 꽁무니 빼다, 겁 많은, 새새끼, 닭고기의, 어린애의

Chicken: translate from English into Russian

Translate chicken into Russian}
Курица, Цыпленок, Курятина, Трус, Петух, Юнец, Птенец, Новоиспеченный, Ребенок

Chicken: translate from English into Spanish

Translate chicken into Spanish}
Pollo, Gallina

Word origin

Old English cīcen, cȳcen, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kieken and German Küchlein, and probably also to cock1.

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