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The meaning of Charity


Charity – definition


An organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.

Usage examples:

The charity provides practical help for homeless people

The voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need.

Usage examples:

The care of the poor must not be left to private charity

Kindness and tolerance in judging others.

Usage examples:

She found it hard to look on her mother with much charity

The giving of money, food, or help to those who need it, or an organization that does this

Usage examples:

[ u ] she does a lot of work for charity., [ c ] we donate to a number of charities., [ u ] he visi…

An organization that has the purpose of providing money or help to people who need it, or that does something useful for society

Usage examples:

Proceeds from the sale of these cards will be given to local charities., it's a charity that suppor…

Charity translation into English

Charity: translate from English into Chinese

Translate charity into Chinese (Simplified)}
慈善机构, 丰富, 和蔼

Charity: translate from English into Dutch

Translate charity into Dutch}
Liefdadigheid, Naastenliefde, Liefdadigheidsinstelling, Barmhartigheid, Aalmoes, Menslievendheid, Mildheid, Zachtheid

Charity: translate from English into French

Translate charity into French}
Charité, Aumône, Œuvre de bienfaisance, Don, Donation, Don de bienfaisance, Action de bienfaisance, Amour pour le demain, Bénédiction de dieu

Charity: translate from English into German

Translate charity into German}
Wohltätigkeit, Nächstenliebe, Barmherzigkeit, Almosen, Güte, Karitas, Wohltätige einrichtung, Gebefreudigkeit

Charity: translate from English into Hindi

Translate charity into Hindi}
दान पुण्य, परोपकार, दानी संस्था, भिक्षा, भीख, कृपा, रहम, भिक्षादान, रहमत, धर्मदान, करुणा, ख़ैरात, दया-भाव

Charity: translate from English into Italian

Translate charity into Italian}
Beneficenza, Carità, Elemosina, Benevolenza, Opera pia

Charity: translate from English into Korean

Translate charity into Korean}
자선 단체, 자선, 사랑, 자애, 자비, 인자, 자선사업, 자선단체

Charity: translate from English into Russian

Translate charity into Russian}
Благотворительная деятельность, Благотворительность, Милосердие, Благотворительные учреждения, Благотворительные дела

Charity: translate from English into Spanish

Translate charity into Spanish}
Caridad, Beneficencia, Limosna, Ayuda, Comprensión

Word origin

late Old English (in the sense ‘Christian love of one's fellows’): from Old French charite, from Latin caritas, from carus ‘dear’.

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