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The meaning of Call-on

Call-on – definition

phrasal verb

Have recourse to or make an appeal or request for help or information to

phrasal verb

Pay a visit to someone.

Usage examples:

He's planning to call on katherine today
phrasal verb

Make use of someone or something as a source of help.

Usage examples:

We are able to call on academic staff with a wide variety of expertise

If a worker such as a doctor is on call, he or she is available to work or make official visits at any time when needed

Usage examples:

She's a doctor, so she's often on call at the weekend., an on-call specialist/firefighter/judge, my…

Call-on translation into English

Call-on: translate from English into Chinese

Translate call-on into Chinese (Simplified)}

Call-on: translate from English into Dutch

Translate call-on into Dutch}
Een beroep doen op, Bezoek afleggen bij

Call-on: translate from English into French

Translate call-on into French}
Demander, Réclamer, Rendre visite à, Aller voir, Passer voir

Call-on: translate from English into German

Translate call-on into German}
Anrufen, Besuchen

Call-on: translate from English into Hindi

Translate call-on into Hindi}
अपील करना, दुहाई देना, फ़ोन करना, जाना (किसी के घर), भेंट करना

Call-on: translate from English into Italian

Translate call-on into Italian}
Rivolgersi, Visitare, Chiedere l'aiuto di

Call-on: translate from English into Korean

Translate call-on into Korean}
전화하다, ...을 방문하다

Call-on: translate from English into Russian

Translate call-on into Russian}
Звонить, Призывать, Взывать, Навещать, Наведаться, Апеллировать, Звонить по телефону, Забегать, Приглашать высказаться

Call-on: translate from English into Spanish

Translate call-on into Spanish}
Recurrir, Acudir a, Visitar

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