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The meaning of Cabins


Cabins – definition


A private room or compartment on a ship.

Usage examples:

She lay in her cabin on a steamer

A small wooden shelter or house in a wild or remote area.

Usage examples:

The cabin lay three miles into the reserve

A cubicle or individual work space within a larger office.


Confine within narrow bounds.

Usage examples:

Once loosed, the idea of equality is not easily cabined

A separate space in an aircraft for passengers or for the people operating it, or a room on a ship equipped with beds for sleeping

Usage examples:

They gave us seats in the first-class cabin of the plane., we stayed in a cabin in the mountains fo…

Cabins translation into English

Cabins: translate from English into Chinese

Translate cabins into Chinese (Simplified)}
小屋, 舱, 客舱, 机舱, 座舱, 舱室, 仓, 禁闭

Cabins: translate from English into Dutch

Translate cabins into Dutch}
Hutten, Cabine, Hut, Kajuit, Stulp, Badhuisje

Cabins: translate from English into French

Translate cabins into French}
Cabines, Cabine, Cabane, Hutte, Cabine de pilote

Cabins: translate from English into German

Translate cabins into German}
Kabinen, Kabine, Hütte, Kajüte, Führerhaus, Cockpit, Zelle, Passagierraum, Flugkanzel

Cabins: translate from English into Hindi

Translate cabins into Hindi}
केबिनों, केबिन, कैबिन, कमरा, कुटिया, कुटीर, झोंपड़ा, छोटा घर

Cabins: translate from English into Italian

Translate cabins into Italian}
Cabine, Cabina, Abitacolo, Capanna

Cabins: translate from English into Korean

Translate cabins into Korean}
캐빈, 선실, 오두막집

Cabins: translate from English into Russian

Translate cabins into Russian}
Каюты, Кабина, Салон, Каюта, Домик, Кабинка, Хижина, Коттедж, Будка, Прицепная кабина, Помещать, Закрытая кабина, Блокпост, Ютиться, Жить в хижине

Cabins: translate from English into Spanish

Translate cabins into Spanish}
Cabañas, Cabina, Cabaña, Camarote, Barraca, Lugar cerrado

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French cabane, from Provençal cabana, from late Latin capanna, cavanna .

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