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The meaning of Bitting

Bitting – definition


Put a bit into the mouth of (a horse).

Usage examples:

However, they can experience behavioral problems when ridden, many coming back to bad experiences w…

A small piece, part, or quantity of something.

Usage examples:

Give the duck a bit of bread

A set of actions or ideas associated with a specific group or activity.

Usage examples:

Miranda could go off and do her theatrical bit

A person's genitals.

Usage examples:

You could see everything! all her bits!

A unit of 12 1/2 cents (used only in even multiples).

Usage examples:

A lad with tousled fair hair came out of the livery, and ben handed over the horse and two bits for…

A young woman.


A mouthpiece, typically made of metal, which is attached to a bridle and used to control a horse.

Usage examples:

You can also go shopping at the c quarter circle saddlery for saddles, bridles, bits, spurs and muc…

A tool or piece for boring or drilling.

Usage examples:

A drill bit

A unit of information expressed as either a 0 or 1 in binary notation.

Usage examples:

For example, is it important to discuss computer bits, bytes, disk drives and the like in an agricu…

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Bijtend, Tegenhouden

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Кусаться, Сдерживать, Взнуздывать, Взнуздать, Обуздывать

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Word origin

Old English bite ‘biting, a bite’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch beet and German Biss, also to bite.

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