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The meaning of Biscuit

Biscuit – definition


A small baked unleavened cake, typically crisp, flat, and sweet.

Usage examples:

A chocolate biscuit

Porcelain or other pottery which has been fired but not glazed.

Usage examples:

Biscuit ware

A light brown colour.

Usage examples:

Colourings such as taupe, pavlova, biscuit and caraway are offset by elegant shades of caffeine, pe…

A small flat piece of wood used to join two larger pieces of wood together, fitting into slots in each.

Usage examples:

Many carpenters have started using biscuits in the miter joints between trim pieces to lock the joi…

A small, soft, raised bread

Usage examples:

Homemade biscuits, dog biscuits

Biscuit translation into English

Biscuit: translate from English into Chinese

Translate biscuit into Chinese (Simplified)}
饼干, 糕饼, 饽, 饼乾

Biscuit: translate from English into Dutch

Translate biscuit into Dutch}
Biscuit, Beschuit, Biscuitje

Biscuit: translate from English into French

Translate biscuit into French}
Biscuit, Biscuit sec, Petit gâteau sec

Biscuit: translate from English into German

Translate biscuit into German}
Keks, Plätzchen, Beige, Weiches brötchen

Biscuit: translate from English into Hindi

Translate biscuit into Hindi}
बिस्कुट, बिसकुट, टिकिया

Biscuit: translate from English into Italian

Translate biscuit into Italian}
Biscotto, Galletta

Biscuit: translate from English into Korean

Translate biscuit into Korean}
비스킷, 질그릇, 비스킷 색

Biscuit: translate from English into Russian

Translate biscuit into Russian}
Печенье, Галета, Сухое печенье, Фарфор, Неглазированный фарфор, Светло-коричневый цвет, Светло-коричневый

Biscuit: translate from English into Spanish

Translate biscuit into Spanish}
Galleta, Bizcocho, Bollo, Beige

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French bescuit, based on Latin bis ‘twice’ + coctus, past participle of coquere ‘to cook’ (so named because originally biscuits were cooked in a twofold process: firs

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