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The meaning of Billows

Billows – definition


A large undulating mass of something, typically cloud, smoke, or steam.

Usage examples:

Flying in across a track of pearl and gold laid by the setting sun across the atlantic, i watched t…



(of fabric) fill with air and swell outwards.

Usage examples:

Her dress billowed out around her

To spread over a large area, or (esp. of items made of cloth) to become filled with air and appear to be larger

Usage examples:

The building is draped in blue plastic sheeting that flaps and billows like a sail., billows of smoke

Billows translation into English

Billows: translate from English into Chinese

Translate billows into Chinese (Simplified)}
波澜, 波涛

Billows: translate from English into Dutch

Translate billows into Dutch}
Golven, Golfslag, Opzwellen, Zee, Baar

Billows: translate from English into French

Translate billows into French}
Flotte, Onduler, Se gonfler, Tournoyer, Grosse vague, Les flots

Billows: translate from English into German

Translate billows into German}
Wogen, Woge, Bauschen, Blähen, Schwaden, Sich aufbauschen, Sich blähen

Billows: translate from English into Hindi

Translate billows into Hindi}
बिलो, तरंग, लहराना, बड़ी लहर

Billows: translate from English into Italian

Translate billows into Italian}
Ondeggiamenti, Flutto

Billows: translate from English into Korean

Translate billows into Korean}
물결치다, 부풀다, 큰 물결, 부풀게 하다, 크게 굽이치다, 소용돌이치는 것

Billows: translate from English into Russian

Translate billows into Russian}
Волны, Вал, Вздыматься, Большая волна, Лавина, Волноваться, Вздыматься волнами, Море

Billows: translate from English into Spanish

Translate billows into Spanish}
Olas, Ola, Oleada, Hincharse, Ondular

Word origin

mid 16th century: from Old Norse bylgja .

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