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The meaning of Basin

Basin – definition


A bowl for washing, typically attached to a wall and having taps connected to a water supply; a washbasin.

Usage examples:

‘i liked the traditional idea of washing with a basin and ewer,’ he reflects.

A wide open container used for preparing food or for holding liquid.

Usage examples:

She poured water from the jug into the basin

A circular or oval valley or natural depression on the earth's surface, especially one containing water.

Usage examples:

The loch is cupped in a shallow basin among low hills

Basin translation into English

Basin: translate from English into Chinese

Translate basin into Chinese (Simplified)}
盆地, 盆, 水池, 水盆, 潴, 杅

Basin: translate from English into Dutch

Translate basin into Dutch}
Bassin, Bekken, Stroomgebied, Kom, Havenkom, Vont

Basin: translate from English into French

Translate basin into French}
Bassin, Lavabo, Cuvette

Basin: translate from English into German

Translate basin into German}
Becken, Schüssel, Talkessel, Kessel, Hafenbecken, Talmulde

Basin: translate from English into Hindi

Translate basin into Hindi}
घाटी, बेसिन, चिलमची, प्याला

Basin: translate from English into Italian

Translate basin into Italian}
Bacino, Vasca, Conca, Bacinella, Catino

Basin: translate from English into Korean

Translate basin into Korean}
분지, 대야, 수반, 웅덩이, 반층, 독, 한 대야 가득

Basin: translate from English into Russian

Translate basin into Russian}
Бассейн, Таз, Котловина, Резервуар, Водоем, Миска, Чашка, Маленькая бухта, Мелкая бухта, Тазик

Basin: translate from English into Spanish

Translate basin into Spanish}
Cuenca, Lavabo, Palangana, Dársena, Cuenco, Jofaina, Tazón, Barreño, Escudilla, Platillo, Cubilete

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French bacin, from medieval Latin bacinus, from bacca ‘water container’, perhaps of Gaulish origin.

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