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The meaning of Base

Base – definition


The lowest part or edge of something, especially the part on which it rests or is supported.

Usage examples:

She sat down at the base of a tree

A conceptual structure or entity on which something draws or depends.

Usage examples:

The town's economic base collapsed

A place used as a centre of operations by the armed forces or others; a headquarters.

Usage examples:

He headed back to base

A main or important element or ingredient to which other things are added.

Usage examples:

Soaps with a vegetable oil base

A substance capable of reacting with an acid to form a salt and water, or (more broadly) of accepting or neutralizing hydrogen ions.

Usage examples:

Nitric acid reacted with a base will give the nitrate of the salt and water.

The middle part of a bipolar transistor, separating the emitter from the collector.

Usage examples:

Transistors are composed of three parts - a base, a collector, and an emitter.

The root or stem of a word or a derivative.

Usage examples:

The children had to say the base of a suffixed word pronounced by the experimenter.

A number used as the basis of a numeration scale.

Usage examples:

Some historians believe that the babylonian base 60 place-value system was transmitted to the india…

Each of the four stations that must be reached in turn to score a run.

Usage examples:

Four different times i switched over to see the bases loaded, scoring i believe a total of one run.

Use (something specified) as the foundation or starting point for something.

Usage examples:

The film is based on a novel by pat conroy

Situate at a specified place as the centre of operations.

Usage examples:

The science policy review unit is based at the university of sussex

Without moral principles; ignoble.

Usage examples:

The electorate's baser instincts of greed and selfishness

Denoting or befitting a person of low social class.

Usage examples:

The thought of such a man with a background of base peasants to be kikyo's teacher was almost ludic…

(of coins or other articles) not made of precious metal.

Usage examples:

The basest coins in the purse were made in the 620s ad

The bottom of an object; the part on which it rests

Usage examples:

This lamp has a heavy base so it won’t tip over., we have an office in san diego, but washington is…

The place where a company does its main business from

Usage examples:

The company, which has its base in california, plans to set up an office in beijing., a company's e…

Base translation into English

Base: translate from English into Chinese

Translate base into Chinese (Simplified)}
根据, 基础, 基地, 基, 座, 垒, 根, 贱, 脚, 底子, 硷, 卑鄙, 础, 卑劣, 基干, 卑下, 鄙, 座子, 托子, 基极, 坏透的

Base: translate from English into Dutch

Translate base into Dutch}
Baseren, Basis, Base, Grondslag, Voetstuk, Uitgangspunt, Grondvlak, Bas, Laag, Grondgetal, Vuig, Grondlijn, Grondvesten, Gronden, Vals, Gemeen

Base: translate from English into French

Translate base into French}
Base, Fonder, Baser, Pied, Bas, Point de départ, Culot, Appui, Vil, Patin, Ignoble, Indigne, Se baser, Vulgaire, Faux, Servile, Mesquin

Base: translate from English into German

Translate base into German}
Base, Basis, Basieren, Gründen, Boden, Sockel, Fuß, Unterlage, Stützpunkt, Fundament, Niedrig, Grundriss, Aufbauen, Grundzahl, Postament, Niederträchtig, Schnöde, Stellen, Nieder, Wortstamm, Schurkisch, Wortwurzel, Gemein, Minderwertig, Nichtswürdig

Base: translate from English into Hindi

Translate base into Hindi}
आधार, मूल, आधारभूत, बुनियादी, अड्डा, नींव, तल, नीच, खोटा, प्रातिपदिका, तला, क्षुद्र, आधारित करना, नींव डालना, प्रस्थान-बिंदु, स्थापना करना, आधार बनाना, आधारित होना

Base: translate from English into Italian

Translate base into Italian}
Base, Basare, Fondare, Basamento, Basso, Zoccolo, Vile, Fondamento, Centro, Ignobile, Meschino, Abietto, Imperniare, Abbietto, Incentrare

Base: translate from English into Korean

Translate base into Korean}
베이스, 기초, 기지, 염기, 기부, 근거지, 근거, 출발점, 천한, 비천한, 누, 출발선, 기초가 되는, 저질의, 순수하지 못한, ...에 바탕을 두다, ...의 기지를 두다, ...의 본거지를 두다, ...에 기지를 두다, ...에 본거지를 두다, 의거하다

Base: translate from English into Russian

Translate base into Russian}
База, Базовый, Основывать, Основание, Основной, Основа, Базировать, Фундамент, Базис, Базисный, Цоколь, Подошва, Подножие, Бас, Опорный пункт, Низкий, Подлый, Неблагородный, Низменный, Корень, Пьедестал, Гнусный, Исходный пункт, Основание логарифма, Корпусный, Орудийная платформа, Фацетная доска, Колодка для клише, Ножка литеры, Место старта, Игра в бары, Окисляющийся, Закладывать основание, Размещать, Дом, Простой

Base: translate from English into Spanish

Translate base into Spanish}
Base, Basar, Basa, Fundamentar, Fundar, Básico, Bajo, Pie, Fundamento, Inferior, Peana, Raíz, De baja ley, Establecer, Estacionar, Contrabajo

Word origin

late Middle English: from Old French bas, from medieval Latin bassus ‘short’ (found in classical Latin as a cognomen). Early senses included ‘low, short’ and ‘of inferior quality’; from the l

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