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The meaning of Barb

Barb – definition


A sharp projection near the end of an arrow, fish hook, or similar object, which is angled away from the main point so as to make extraction difficult.

Usage examples:

It was a simple hunting arrow, without a particularly sharp edge or barbs that would make it harder…

A fleshy filament at the mouth of some fish, such as barbel and catfish.

Usage examples:

The hybrids were good looking fish but careful examination of the mouths would show tell-tale signs…

A freshwater fish with barbels around the mouth, popular in aquaria.

Usage examples:

Many indian species like catfish, dwarf and giant gourami, and barbs are popular abroad and fetch g…

A small horse of a hardy breed originally from north africa.

Usage examples:

The rancho riding herd is usually 27 horses, mainly spanish barbs and mixes of that breed.

Cut or style (a person's hair).

Usage examples:

He has barbed the hair of any celebrity you can think of

The sharp part of a fish hook or arrow that makes it difficult to remove from something caught on it

Usage examples:

Some of weaver’s sharpest barbs were aimed at his boss.

Barb translation into English

Barb: translate from English into Chinese

Translate barb into Chinese (Simplified)}
倒钩, 矛头, 螫, 蜇

Barb: translate from English into Dutch

Translate barb into Dutch}
Weerhaak, Van weerhaken voorzien

Barb: translate from English into French

Translate barb into French}
Barbillon, Barbelure, Trait

Barb: translate from English into German

Translate barb into German}
Widerhaken, Stachel, Spitze, Bart, Fahne, Mit widerhaken versehen

Barb: translate from English into Hindi

Translate barb into Hindi}
कंटिया, आँकड़ी, कांटा, दांत, दांता, कंगूरा, काँटा

Barb: translate from English into Italian

Translate barb into Italian}
Barba, Barbiglio, Punta uncinata

Barb: translate from English into Korean

Translate barb into Korean}
미늘, 깃, 수염 모양의 것, 새의 깃, 목에 두르는 횐 리넨천, 바르바리 말, 마늘을 달다, 가시를 달다

Barb: translate from English into Russian

Translate barb into Russian}
Колючка, Зубец, Шип, Бородка, Колкость, Зазубрина, Ость, Заусенец, Усики, Оснащать колючками, Ус, Снабдить колючками, Колкое замечание

Barb: translate from English into Spanish

Translate barb into Spanish}
Lengüeta, Barba, Dardo, Barbilla, Poner lengüetas en, Caballo árabe

Word origin

mid 16th century (in now obsolete British use, in the sense ‘shave or trim a man's beard’, from the French verb barber, from barbe ‘beard’): in modern Nigerian use a back-formation from barbe

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