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The meaning of Airier

Airier – definition


(of a room or building) spacious, well lit, and well ventilated.

Usage examples:

The conservatory is light and airy

Spacious and light

Usage examples:

The new offices are bright and airy.

Airier translation into English

Airier: translate from English into Chinese

Translate airier into Chinese (Simplified)}
艾里尔, 轻快的, 空气的

Airier: translate from English into Dutch

Translate airier into Dutch}
Luchtiger, Luchtig, Etherisch, Ijl, Vluchtig, Luchthartig

Airier: translate from English into French

Translate airier into French}
Plus aéré, Agréable, Désinvolte, Clair et spacieux, Vaine, Impalpable, Farfelu, Imaginaire, Très haut

Airier: translate from English into German

Translate airier into German}
Luftiger, Luftig, Lässig, Vage, Blasiert

Airier: translate from English into Hindi

Translate airier into Hindi}
हवाई, हवादार, वायु-संबंधी

Airier: translate from English into Italian

Translate airier into Italian}
Più arioso, Arioso, Arieggiato, Aerato, Ventilato, Etereo, Noncurante, Gaio, Spensierato, Superficiale

Airier: translate from English into Korean

Translate airier into Korean}
에어리어, 가벼운, 쾌활한, 하늘 높이 솟은, 들뜬, 공기 같은, 바람이 잘 통하는, 공기의, 점장빼는

Airier: translate from English into Russian

Translate airier into Russian}
Воздушный, Просторный, Легкий, Полный воздуха, Грациозный, Легкомысленный, Хорошо проветриваемый, Веселый, Изящный, Ветреный, Заносчивый, Пустой, Эфирный

Airier: translate from English into Spanish

Translate airier into Spanish}
Aireado, Espacioso, Airoso, Ligero, Etéreo, Alegre, Frívolo, Vanidoso, Pretencioso

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