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The meaning of Accrue

Accrue – definition


(of a benefit or sum of money) be received by someone in regular or increasing amounts over time.

Usage examples:

Financial benefits will accrue from restructuring

To increase over a period of time, or to get an amount of something gradually over time

Usage examples:

[ i ] interest on this savings account accrues at the rate of 4 percent.

To increase in amount over a period of time

Usage examples:

Interest accruing at 18% or more a year can quickly drain your future purchasing power., by the tim…

Accrue translation into English

Accrue: translate from English into Chinese

Translate accrue into Chinese (Simplified)}

Accrue: translate from English into Dutch

Translate accrue into Dutch}
Groeien, Toenemen, Oplopen, Aangroeien

Accrue: translate from English into French

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Accrue: translate from English into German

Translate accrue into German}
Anfallen, Erwachsen, Ansammeln, Zuwachsen, Hinzukommen, Zusammenkommen, Anlaufen, Sich ansammeln, Sich anhäufen

Accrue: translate from English into Hindi

Translate accrue into Hindi}
उपाजित होना, वृद्धि होना, निकलना, देय होना, उपाजि॔त होना, उपचित होना, प्रोद्‍भूत होना

Accrue: translate from English into Italian

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Maturare, Derivare

Accrue: translate from English into Korean

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Accrue: translate from English into Russian

Translate accrue into Russian}
Накапливаться, Нарастать, Доставаться, Увеличиваться, Происходить, Выпадать на долю, Проистекать

Accrue: translate from English into Spanish

Translate accrue into Spanish}
Acumularse, Aumentar, Acrecentar, Proceder, Resultar que

Word origin

late Middle English: from Old French acreue, past participle of acreistre ‘increase’, from Latin accrescere ‘become larger’ (see accrete).

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