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The meaning of Work out

Work out – definition


Find the solution to or understand the meaning of

phrasal verb

Plan or devise something in detail.

Usage examples:

We need to work out a seating plan
phrasal verb

Solve a sum or determine an amount by calculation.

Usage examples:

The interest rate is worked out by adding a certain amount to the current base rate
phrasal verb

Have a good or specified result.

Usage examples:

Things don't always work out that way
phrasal verb

Engage in vigorous physical exercise or training.

Usage examples:

They regularly walked, danced, ran and worked out at the gym
phrasal verb

Accomplish something with difficulty.

Usage examples:

Malicious fates are bent on working out an ill intent
phrasal verb

Work a mine until it is exhausted of minerals.

Usage examples:

Once the seam has been worked out, the roof is allowed to cave in

Without a paid job

Usage examples:

I've been out of work for the past six months., put/leave/throw sb out of work the plant closed in …

Work out translation into English

Work out: translate from English into Chinese

Translate work out into Chinese (Simplified)}
锻炼, 制订, 编制, 起, 制, 编造, 绎, 臆测

Work out: translate from English into Dutch

Translate work out into Dutch}
Trainen, Uitwerken, Lukken, Berekenen, Uitkomen, Uitputten

Work out: translate from English into French

Translate work out into French}
S'entraîner, Élaborer, Mettre au point, Calculer, Régler, Réussir, Accomplir, Se résoudre, Faire des calculs, Se développer, Combiner

Work out: translate from English into German

Translate work out into German}
Trainieren, Erarbeiten, Ausarbeiten, Funktionieren, Klappen, Ausrechnen, Lösen, Aufgehen, Herausbekommen, Ziehen, Rechnen, Errechnen, Austüfteln, Ausdenken, Abstecken, Enträtseln, Fertig werden, Herausbringen, Ausknobeln, Ausklügeln, Durcharbeiten, Erschöpfen, Absitzen, Entschlüsseln, Knacken, Schlau werden aus, Ausbeuten, Abbauen

Work out: translate from English into Hindi

Translate work out into Hindi}
कसरत करना, अनुमान, परिणाम

Work out: translate from English into Italian

Translate work out into Italian}
Allenarsi, Elaborare, Risolvere, Sviluppare

Work out: translate from English into Korean

Translate work out into Korean}
운동하다, 점점 나오다, 산정되다, 잘 되어가다, 풀리다, 연습하다, 풀다, 애써서 성취하다, 제거하다, 산출하다, 완전히 세우다, 다 파내다, 일하여 갚다, 노동을 제공하여 바치다, ...을 노력하여 이해하다, 정체를 알다, 참모습을 알다

Work out: translate from English into Russian

Translate work out into Russian}
Упражняться, Разработать, Разрабатывать, Отрабатывать, Вырабатывать, Решать, Срабатывать, Быть успешным, Составлять, Выражаться, Истощать, С трудом добиться, Быть реальным, Подбирать цифры или цитаты

Work out: translate from English into Spanish

Translate work out into Spanish}
Elaborar, Resolver, Calcular, Resolverse, Desarrollar, Hacer, Trazar, Agotar, Arreglarse, Meditar a fondo

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