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The meaning of Winding


Winding – definition


A twisting movement or course.

Usage examples:

The windings of the stream

A thing that winds or is wound round something.

Usage examples:

There are very fine wire windings around those heads, and if snagged while cleaning - then they are…

Following a twisting or spiral course.

Usage examples:

Our bedroom was at the top of a winding staircase

Cause (someone) to have difficulty breathing because of exertion or a blow to the stomach.

Usage examples:

The fall nearly winded him

Make (a baby) bring up wind after feeding by patting its back.

Usage examples:

Paddy's wife handed him their six-month-old daughter to be winded

Detect the presence of (a person or animal) by scent.

Usage examples:

The birds could not have seen us or winded us

Sound (a bugle or call) by blowing.

Usage examples:

But scarce again his horn he wound

Move in or take a twisting or spiral course.

Usage examples:

The path wound among olive trees

Pass (something) round a thing or person so as to encircle or enfold.

Usage examples:

He wound a towel around his midriff

Make (a clock or other device, typically one operated by clockwork) operate by turning a key or handle.

Usage examples:

He wound city hall's clock every day until he retired at the age of 92

A winding path, road, river, etc. repeatedly turns in different directions

Usage examples:

There's a very long, winding path leading up to the house., they struggled up the narrow winding st…

Winding translation into English

Winding: translate from English into Chinese

Translate winding into Chinese (Simplified)}
缠绕, 曲折, 弯曲, 迤, 委曲, 逦, 宛, 盘桓, 廋, 盘陀, 盘曲

Winding: translate from English into Dutch

Translate winding into Dutch}
Opwinden, Bochtig, Kronkelend, Slingerend, Bocht, Kronkeling, Draai, Draaiend

Winding: translate from English into French

Translate winding into French}
Enroulement, Bobinage, Sinueux, Tortueux, Tournant, Méandres, Sinuosité, Montage au treuil

Winding: translate from English into German

Translate winding into German}
Wicklung, Gewunden, Kurvenreich, Kurvig, Schlängelig

Winding: translate from English into Hindi

Translate winding into Hindi}
समापन, घुमावदार, टेढा, वक्र

Winding: translate from English into Italian

Translate winding into Italian}
Avvolgimento, Carica, Tortuoso, Sinuoso, A chiocciola, Serpeggiante, Sinuosità, Serpentina, Meandro

Winding: translate from English into Korean

Translate winding into Korean}
굴곡, 감음, 감는 법, 굽이, 감아 올림, 감은 것, 두루마리, 부정한 행동, 부정한 방법, 우여 곡절, 둘러 말하는, 감아 들임, 꼬불꼬불함

Winding: translate from English into Russian

Translate winding into Russian}
Обмотка, Извилистый, Наматывание, Поворот, Витой, Мотальный, Мотка, Мотание, Изгиб, Петляющий, Спиральный, Извилина

Winding: translate from English into Spanish

Translate winding into Spanish}
Devanado, Tortuoso

Word origin

Old English windan ‘go rapidly’, ‘twine’, of Germanic origin; related to wander and wend.

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