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Weathers – definition


Wear away or change the appearance or texture of (something) by long exposure to the atmosphere.

Usage examples:

His skin was weathered almost black by his long outdoor life

(of a ship) come safely through (a storm).

Usage examples:

The sturdy boat had weathered the storm well

Make (boards or tiles) overlap downwards to keep out rain.


Allow (a hawk) to spend a period perched in the open air.

Usage examples:

I would advise to weather her in her hood

The state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time as regards heat, cloudiness, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc.

Usage examples:

If the weather's good we can go for a walk

The conditions in the air at a particular time, such as wind, rain, or temperature

Usage examples:

I always wear gloves in cold weather., expect some nasty weather tomorrow, possibly even a thunders…

To deal successfully with a difficult situation or problem

Usage examples:

Weather a crisis/downturn/recession the company claimed that it would weather the downturn and retu…

Weathers translation into English

Weathers: translate from English into Chinese

Translate weathers into Chinese (Simplified)}
天气, 经受, 天, 气, 侵蚀

Weathers: translate from English into Dutch

Translate weathers into Dutch}
Weersomstandigheden, Weer, Doorstaan, Weder, Slecht weer, Verweren, Luchten, Laveren, Te boven zeilen, Schuin leggen, Aan de lucht blootstellen, Loefzijde, Te boven komen

Weathers: translate from English into French

Translate weathers into French}
Temps, Tempête, Brise, Éroder, Essuyer, Faire mûrir, S'effriter

Weathers: translate from English into German

Translate weathers into German}
Wetter, Witterung, Wetterlage, Verwittern, Überstehen, Wetterfest sein, Verblassen, Gerben, Angreifen, Ablagern

Weathers: translate from English into Hindi

Translate weathers into Hindi}
मौसम, मौसिम, तूफ़ान, ख़राब मौसिम

Weathers: translate from English into Italian

Translate weathers into Italian}
Intemperie, Tempo, Resistere, Alterare, Sopportare, Stagionare, Logorarsi, Consumare

Weathers: translate from English into Korean

Translate weathers into Korean}
날씨, 일기, 기후, 날, 거친 날씨, 사나운 날씨, 고약한 날씨, 변천, 기절, 견디어 내다, 경사지게 하다, 비바람을 맞게 하다, 풍화시키다, 비탈지게 하다, ...의 바람 불어오는 쪽으로 나가다, 외기로 인하여 변하다, 비바람에 견디다

Weathers: translate from English into Russian

Translate weathers into Russian}
Погода, Непогода, Шторм, Выдерживать, Выветриваться, Обходить с наветренной стороны, Подвергать атмосферным влияниям, Выветривать

Weathers: translate from English into Spanish

Translate weathers into Spanish}
Climas, Tiempo, Capear, Clima, Superar, Aguantar, Sobrevivir, Desgastar, Curar, Curtir, Curtirse, Desgastarse, Pasar a barlovento, Doblar sobre, Hacer frente a

Word origin

Old English weder, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch weer and German Wetter, probably also to the noun wind1.

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