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The meaning of Wallowing


Wallowing – definition


(chiefly of large mammals) roll about or lie in mud or water, especially to keep cool or avoid biting insects.

Usage examples:

There were watering places where buffalo liked to wallow

(of a person) indulge in an unrestrained way in (something that one finds pleasurable).

Usage examples:

I was wallowing in the luxury of the hotel

An act of wallowing.

Usage examples:

A wallow in nostalgia

A depression containing mud or shallow water, formed by the wallowing of large mammals.

Usage examples:

A buffalo wallow

Present participle of wallow

Usage examples:

A hippopotamus wallowing in mud

Wallowing translation into English

Wallowing: translate from English into Chinese

Translate wallowing into Chinese (Simplified)}
打滚, 沉溺, 翻滚

Wallowing: translate from English into Dutch

Translate wallowing into Dutch}
Wentelen, Rollen, Zich rondwentelen

Wallowing: translate from English into French

Translate wallowing into French}
Se vautrer, Patauger, Se vautrer dans

Wallowing: translate from English into German

Translate wallowing into German}
Sich suhlen, Gewühl

Wallowing: translate from English into Hindi

Translate wallowing into Hindi}
दीवार बनाना, कीचड़ में खींचना

Wallowing: translate from English into Italian

Translate wallowing into Italian}
Sguazzare, Avvoltolarsi, Voltolarsi

Wallowing: translate from English into Korean

Translate wallowing into Korean}
뒹굴다, 빠지다, 흔들리면서 나아가다, 삐거덕거리며 나아가다

Wallowing: translate from English into Russian

Translate wallowing into Russian}
Валяние, Валяться, Купаться, Барахтаться, Погрязать, Утопать, Передвигаться тяжело, Передвигаться неуклюже

Wallowing: translate from English into Spanish

Translate wallowing into Spanish}
Revolcarse, Revolcarse por

Word origin

Old English walwian ‘to roll about’, of Germanic origin, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin volvere ‘to roll’.

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