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The meaning of Wallflower


Wallflower – definition


A southern european plant with fragrant yellow, orange-red, dark red, or brown flowers that bloom in early spring.

Usage examples:

Grape hyacinths, pulmonaria, rock cress, azaleas, lilacs, wallflowers and pinks furnish nectar in e…

A person who has no one to dance with or who feels shy, awkward, or excluded at a party.

Usage examples:

I felt like a miserable wallflower at a boisterous party

A type of investment that investors are not very interested in because they think it does not have much value

Usage examples:

Because national savings products are not very competitive, they are widely regarded as the wallflo…

A pleasant smelling garden plant that has yellow, orange, or brown flowers that grow in groups


A shy person, especially a girl or woman, who is frightened to involve herself in social activities and does not attract much interest or attention

Usage examples:

Sooner or later someone would take pity on the poor wallflower and ask her to dance.

Wallflower translation into English

Wallflower: translate from English into Chinese

Translate wallflower into Chinese (Simplified)}
壁花, 局限

Wallflower: translate from English into Dutch

Translate wallflower into Dutch}
Muurbloem, Muurbloempje

Wallflower: translate from English into French

Translate wallflower into French}

Wallflower: translate from English into German

Translate wallflower into German}
Mauerblümchen, Goldlack

Wallflower: translate from English into Hindi

Translate wallflower into Hindi}
Wallflower, वाल फ्लावर, वसंत काल का सुगंधित पौधा, स्त्री (जिसे नृत्य के लिए साथी न मिले)

Wallflower: translate from English into Italian

Translate wallflower into Italian}
Violacciocca, Cheiranto

Wallflower: translate from English into Korean

Translate wallflower into Korean}
꽃무, 무도회에서 상대가 없는 여자

Wallflower: translate from English into Russian

Translate wallflower into Russian}
Тихоходка, Желтофиоль садовая, Дама без кавалера, Корабль, долго стоящий у стенки

Wallflower: translate from English into Spanish

Translate wallflower into Spanish}
Alhelí, Planchar el asiento

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