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The meaning of Wait on


Wait on – definition


Work for or be a servant to

phrasal verb

Serve food or drink to someone in a restaurant, cafe, bar, etc.

Usage examples:

She was the waitress who usually waited on him at the cafe
phrasal verb

Act as an attendant to someone.

Usage examples:

A maid was appointed to wait on her
phrasal verb

Stay where one is or delay action until someone arrives or is ready, or until a particular time or event.

Usage examples:

They will wait on a supreme court ruling
phrasal verb

Refrain from doing something until something else happens.

Usage examples:

Wait on, i've an important message for you

To serve someone

Usage examples:

She waited on customers all day at the department store.

Wait on translation into English

Wait on: translate from English into Chinese

Translate wait on into Chinese (Simplified)}
等着, 侍候, 服侍, 招待, 侍, 奉, 事, 支应

Wait on: translate from English into Dutch

Translate wait on into Dutch}
Wachten op, Bedienen, Zijn opwachting maken bij

Wait on: translate from English into French

Translate wait on into French}
Attendre, Servir, Être au service de, Être au service de qn

Wait on: translate from English into German

Translate wait on into German}
Warte ab, Bedienen

Wait on: translate from English into Hindi

Translate wait on into Hindi}
प्रतीक्षा करो, परिणाम होना, नतीजा होना

Wait on: translate from English into Italian

Translate wait on into Italian}

Wait on: translate from English into Korean

Translate wait on into Korean}
기다리다, 계속해서 기다리다, 모시다

Wait on: translate from English into Russian

Translate wait on into Russian}
Подожди, Прислуживать, Являться результатом, Наносить визит, Являться к кому-л.

Wait on: translate from English into Spanish

Translate wait on into Spanish}
Servir, Desvivirse, Presentar, Cumplimentar, Mimar

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