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The meaning of Vacation

Vacation – definition


A fixed holiday period between terms in universities and law courts.

Usage examples:

The easter vacation

The action of leaving something one previously occupied.

Usage examples:

His marriage was the reason for the vacation of his fellowship

Take a holiday.

Usage examples:

I was vacationing in europe with my family

A period of time to relax or travel for pleasure instead of doing your usual work or school activities

Usage examples:

[ c ] the family had just left for a vacation in the bahamas., [ u ] we always went on vacation in …

A holiday from work, especially when you are travelling away from home

Usage examples:

I'm planning to take a vacation in the spring., the president is on vacation with his family., bene…

Vacation translation into English

Vacation: translate from English into Chinese

Translate vacation into Chinese (Simplified)}
假期, 放假, 假

Vacation: translate from English into Dutch

Translate vacation into Dutch}
Vakantie, Verlof, Vacantie, Ontruiming, Vacantie hebben, Achterlating, Vrijlating

Vacation: translate from English into French

Translate vacation into French}
Vacances, Passer des vacances, Prendre des vacances

Vacation: translate from English into German

Translate vacation into German}
Urlaub, Ferien, Räumung, Urlaub machen, Semesterferien, Urlauben, Ferien machen, Niederlegung, Gerichtsferien, Aufgabe

Vacation: translate from English into Hindi

Translate vacation into Hindi}
छुट्टी, अवकाश, छूट, छुटकारा, रिहाई, मुक्ति, विश्रामावकाश

Vacation: translate from English into Italian

Translate vacation into Italian}
Vacanza, Ferie

Vacation: translate from English into Korean

Translate vacation into Korean}
휴가, 바커스, 공석 기간, 궐위 기간, 명도, 정기휴가, 휴가를 보내다, 휴가를 얻다

Vacation: translate from English into Russian

Translate vacation into Russian}
Отпуск, Каникулы, Отдыхать, Отпускной, Освобождение, Каникулярный, Оставление, Брать отпуск

Vacation: translate from English into Spanish

Translate vacation into Spanish}
Vacaciones, De vacaciones, Vacación, De vacación, De verano, Pasar las vacaciones, Asueto, Estar de vacaciones, Tomarse unas vacaciones

Word origin

late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin vacatio(n- ), from vacare ‘be unoccupied’ (see vacate).

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