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The meaning of Vacates


Vacates – definition


Leave (a place that one previously occupied).

Usage examples:

Rooms must be vacated by noon on the last day of your holiday

Cancel or annul (a judgement, contract, or charge).

Usage examples:

The justices vacated a ruling by the federal appeals court

To leave a place or position

Usage examples:

When he left the university, he had to vacate his university-provided housing.

To leave a job so that someone else must be found to do it

Usage examples:

Be vacated by sb no candidates have been named to fill the position vacated by the chairman., vacat…

Vacates translation into English

Vacates: translate from English into Chinese

Translate vacates into Chinese (Simplified)}
腾空, 放弃, 肃清, 废止, 空出

Vacates: translate from English into Dutch

Translate vacates into Dutch}
Ontruimt, Verlaten, Ontruimen, Achterlaten, Annuleren, Opheffen, Afschaffen, Bevrijden

Vacates: translate from English into French

Translate vacates into French}
Quitte, Quitter, Vider

Vacates: translate from English into German

Translate vacates into German}
Räumt, Räumen, Freimachen, Aufgeben, Niederlegen

Vacates: translate from English into Hindi

Translate vacates into Hindi}
खाली करना, बचाना, छुड़ाना, निकालना, रिहा करना, स्वतंत्र करना, मुक्त करना, आज़ाद करना

Vacates: translate from English into Italian

Translate vacates into Italian}
Vacante, Liberare, Sgombrare, Lasciare libero

Vacates: translate from English into Korean

Translate vacates into Korean}
자리를 비우다, 비우다, 비게 하다, 그만두고 물러나다, 공허하게 하다, 무효로 하다, 떠나가다

Vacates: translate from English into Russian

Translate vacates into Russian}
Освобождает, Освобождать, Покидать, Аннулировать, Оставлять, Упразднять

Vacates: translate from English into Spanish

Translate vacates into Spanish}
Desocupa, Desocupar, Dejar vacante, Salir de, Vaciar, Renunciar, Vaciarse, Dejar a

Word origin

mid 17th century (as a legal term, also in the sense ‘make ineffective’): from Latin vacat- ‘left empty’, from the verb vacare .

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