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The meaning of Unsound


Unsound – definition


Not based on sound or reliable evidence or reasoning.

Usage examples:

This line of argument is unsound

(esp. of activities) not suitable or acceptable

Usage examples:

He was involved in unsound banking practices., the bridge is structurally unsound.

Unsound translation into English

Unsound: translate from English into Chinese

Translate unsound into Chinese (Simplified)}
不健全, 腐烂的

Unsound: translate from English into Dutch

Translate unsound into Dutch}
Ondeugdelijk, Ongezond, Onbetrouwbaar, Aangestoken, Wormig, Wormstekig

Unsound: translate from English into French

Translate unsound into French}
Malsain, Précaire, Bancal, Hasardeux, Pourri, Peu constant, Qui n'est pas sain

Unsound: translate from English into German

Translate unsound into German}
Ungesund, Unsolide, Nicht stichhaltig, Unzuverlässig, Krank, Unvernünftig, Unsicher, Anfechtbar, Morsch, Unklug, Angegriffen, Unvertretbar, Schwach

Unsound: translate from English into Hindi

Translate unsound into Hindi}
अस्वस्थ, बीमार, अनुचित, रोगी, अयुक्ति, निर्बल, अपुष्ट

Unsound: translate from English into Italian

Translate unsound into Italian}
Malsano, Malato, Debole, Malsicuro

Unsound: translate from English into Korean

Translate unsound into Korean}
상한, 얕은, 건전하지 못한, 근거가 박약한, 견고하지 못한

Unsound: translate from English into Russian

Translate unsound into Russian}
Нездоровый, Необоснованный, Больной, Гнилой, Болезненный, Ненадежный, Неглубокий, Испорченный, Ошибочный, Дефектный

Unsound: translate from English into Spanish

Translate unsound into Spanish}
Defectuoso, Malo, Poco seguro, Achacoso

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