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The meaning of Undercuts

Undercuts – definition


Offer goods or services at a lower price than (a competitor).

Usage examples:

These industries have been undercut by more efficient foreign producers

Cut or wear away the part below or under (something, especially a cliff).

Usage examples:

The base of the crag is undercut permitting walkers to pass behind the falling water

Weaken; undermine.

Usage examples:

The chairman denied his authority was being undercut

Strike (a ball) with backspin so that it bounces high on landing.

Usage examples:

Frequent pop-ups are an indication he has been undercutting the ball.

A space formed by the removal or absence of material from the lower part of something.

Usage examples:

There may be some bigger fish in the safety of the undercut

The underside of a sirloin of beef.


A hairstyle in which the hair is shaved or cut very short on the sides or back of the head but left relatively long on top.

Usage examples:

She styled her short bob into an edgy undercut

To weaken, damage, or cause the failure of something; undermine

Usage examples:

He's got a plan, so i don't want to undercut the effort that he has underway., large supermarkets c…

To sell goods or provide a service for a lower price than someone else

Usage examples:

Large supermarkets undercut corner shops and put them out of business.

Undercuts translation into English

Undercuts: translate from English into Chinese

Translate undercuts into Chinese (Simplified)}
底切, 削低价格

Undercuts: translate from English into Dutch

Translate undercuts into Dutch}
Ondersnijdingen, Onderkruipen, Goedkoper leveren dan, Filet, Ossehaas

Undercuts: translate from English into French

Translate undercuts into French}
Contre-dépouilles, Saper, Miner, Vendre moins cher que, Couper, Saignée, Réduire la valeur, Morceau de filet

Undercuts: translate from English into German

Translate undercuts into German}
Hinterschneidungen, Unterbieten, Unterhöhlen, Lendenstück

Undercuts: translate from English into Hindi

Translate undercuts into Hindi}
बाधित, काटकर अलग कर देना, दाम घटा करना, दाम घटा कर देना, काटना, काटकर निकलना, दाम कम कर देना, दाम कम करना, काट, काटकर निकल देना

Undercuts: translate from English into Italian

Translate undercuts into Italian}
Sottosquadri, Tagliare dal basso, Colpire dal basso, Vendere a prezzo inferiore

Undercuts: translate from English into Korean

Translate undercuts into Korean}
언더컷, 아래 부분을 잘라냄, 허리의 연한 고기, 밑에서 쳐올리기, 벌채할 나무의 넘어지는 방향을 나타낸 새김눈, ...의 아래 부분을 잘라내다, 경쟁적으로 내리다, 가격을 내리다, 쳐올리다

Undercuts: translate from English into Russian

Translate undercuts into Russian}
Подрезы, Подрезать, Поднутрение, Вырезка, Подрубка, Сбивать цену, Зарубка, Удар снизу, Бросок снизу, Угол поднутрения, Сбивать цены, Поднутрять, Передний угол, Продавать по более низким ценам

Undercuts: translate from English into Spanish

Translate undercuts into Spanish}
Socavaduras, Vender a menor precio que

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