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The meaning of Trilled

Trilled – definition


Produce a quavering or warbling sound.

Usage examples:

A skylark was trilling overhead

A quavering or vibratory sound, especially a rapid alternation of sung or played notes.

Usage examples:

The caged bird launched into a piercing trill

(in african american usage) genuine and authentic, especially as a result of being rooted in urban subculture.

Usage examples:

They knew they were going to grind hard and get rich and they did it. they also stayed trill in the…

Past simple and past participle of trill

Usage examples:

[ + speech ] "i'll be right down!" trilled daphne.

Trilled translation into English

Trilled: translate from English into Chinese

Translate trilled into Chinese (Simplified)}
颤音, 颤声的

Trilled: translate from English into Dutch

Translate trilled into Dutch}
Trilde, Trillend zingen, Trillers maken

Trilled: translate from English into French

Translate trilled into French}
Trillé, Triller, Rouler, Faire écouler

Trilled: translate from English into German

Translate trilled into German}
Trillerte, Trillern, Trällern, Tirilieren

Trilled: translate from English into Hindi

Translate trilled into Hindi}

Trilled: translate from English into Italian

Translate trilled into Italian}
Trillato, Trillare, Gorgheggiare

Trilled: translate from English into Korean

Translate trilled into Korean}
트릴, 졸졸 흐르게 하다, 지저귀다, 떨리는 소리로 노래하다, 떨리는 소리로 연주하다, 떨리는 전음으로 노래하다, 떨리는 전음으로 연주하다, 혀를 진동시켜 발음하다, 회전하다, 선회하다

Trilled: translate from English into Russian

Translate trilled into Russian}
Трели, Заливаться, Выводить трель

Trilled: translate from English into Spanish

Translate trilled into Spanish}
Trino, Trinar, Gorjear, Pronunciar con vibración

Word origin

mid 17th century: from Italian trillo (noun), trillare (verb).

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