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The meaning of Trickled

Trickled – definition


(of a liquid) flow in a small stream.

Usage examples:

A solitary tear trickled down her cheek

Come, go, or appear slowly or gradually.

Usage examples:

The first members of the congregation began to trickle in

A small flow of liquid.

Usage examples:

A trickle of blood

(of liquid) to flow slowly and without force

Usage examples:

Blood trickled from a cut in his forehead., after the hurricane, all the telephones were out, and i…

To arrive or move somewhere slowly or gradually

Usage examples:

Trickle back foreign capital has been trickling back, as investors seek higher returns than they ca…

Trickled translation into English

Trickled: translate from English into Chinese

Translate trickled into Chinese (Simplified)}
涓涓细流, 淌, 扑拉, 滴流

Trickled: translate from English into Dutch

Translate trickled into Dutch}
Gedruppeld, Druppelen, Biggelen

Trickled: translate from English into French

Translate trickled into French}
Coulé, Dégouliner, Suinter, Tomber goutte à goutte, Faire dégouliner, Commencer à faire eau, Toucher les plus pauvres, Faire couler goutte à goutte, S'écouler doucement

Trickled: translate from English into German

Translate trickled into German}
Tröpfelte, Rieseln, Tröpfeln, Sickern, Träufeln, Perlen

Trickled: translate from English into Hindi

Translate trickled into Hindi}
छल किया

Trickled: translate from English into Italian

Translate trickled into Italian}
Gocciolato, Gocciolare

Trickled: translate from English into Korean

Translate trickled into Korean}
물방울, 똑똑 떨어지게 하다, 똑똑 떨어지다, 조금씩 오다, 조금씩 흩어져 가다, 드문드문 오다, 드문드문 흩어져 가다

Trickled: translate from English into Russian

Translate trickled into Russian}
Струйка, Сочиться, Течь тонкой струйкой, Лить тонкой струйкой, Капать

Trickled: translate from English into Spanish

Translate trickled into Spanish}
Goteaba, Gotear, Salir poco a poco, Salir en un chorro delgado, Dejar caer gota a gota

Word origin

Middle English (as a verb): imitative.

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