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The meaning of Traipse


Traipse – definition


Walk or move wearily or reluctantly.

Usage examples:

Students had to traipse all over london to attend lectures

A tedious or tiring journey on foot.

Usage examples:

But the japanese site looked so interesting, that i had a traipse around it.

A slovenly woman.

Usage examples:

He continued to rub his hands all over my body like i was some traipse with a sign on her head flas…

To walk from one place to another, often feeling tired or bored

Usage examples:

I spent the day traipsing around the shops, but found nothing suitable for her., more than 6 millio…

Traipse translation into English

Traipse: translate from English into Chinese

Translate traipse into Chinese (Simplified)}
拖曳, 懒妇

Traipse: translate from English into Dutch

Translate traipse into Dutch}
Reis, Rondzwerven, Slons

Traipse: translate from English into French

Translate traipse into French}
Se balader, Longue promenade, Marcher d'un pas traînant

Traipse: translate from English into German

Translate traipse into German}

Traipse: translate from English into Hindi

Translate traipse into Hindi}
धीरे-धीरे चलना, खिंचना, घसिटना, थकाऊ सैर, इधर-उधर फिरना, घूमना-फिरना, मैला-कुचैला व्यक्ति

Traipse: translate from English into Italian

Translate traipse into Italian}
Trapezio, Gironzolare

Traipse: translate from English into Korean

Translate traipse into Korean}
끌리다, 걸어서 가다, 터벅터벅 걷다, 심부름가다, 단정치 못한 여자, 터벅터벅 걷기

Traipse: translate from English into Russian

Translate traipse into Russian}
Бродяга, Тащиться, Волочить по земле, Неряха, Утомительная прогулка, Бродить без дела

Traipse: translate from English into Spanish

Translate traipse into Spanish}
Caminar penosamente

Word origin

late 16th century (as a verb): of unknown origin. The noun is first recorded in traipse (sense 2 of the noun) in the late 17th century.

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