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The meaning of Thrashed

Thrashed – definition


Beat (a person or animal) repeatedly and violently with a stick or whip.

Usage examples:

She thrashed him across the head and shoulders

Move in a violent and convulsive way.

Usage examples:

He lay on the ground thrashing around in pain

A violent or noisy movement of beating or thrashing.

Usage examples:

The thrash of the waves

A short, fast, loud piece or passage of rock music.

Usage examples:

After all those twelve-bar thrashes, my fingers were blistered

A party, especially a lively or lavish one.

Usage examples:

Henry's charity ball had been one hell of a thrash

Past simple and past participle of thrash

Usage examples:

His father used to thrash him when he was a boy., he thrashed the horse with his whip., he was scre…

Thrashed translation into English

Thrashed: translate from English into Chinese

Translate thrashed into Chinese (Simplified)}
痛打, 鞭打, 划水

Thrashed: translate from English into Dutch

Translate thrashed into Dutch}
Afgeranseld, Slaan, Dorsen, Afranselen, Stampen, Verslaan

Thrashed: translate from English into French

Translate thrashed into French}
Battu, Débattre, Battre, Rosser, Rouer de coups, Fustiger, Donner une bonne correction

Thrashed: translate from English into German

Translate thrashed into German}
Verprügelt, Verprügeln, Dreschen, Verdreschen, Durchprügeln, Besiegen, Verkeilen, Bügeln, Versengen, Durchhauen, Verschlagen, Vermöbeln

Thrashed: translate from English into Hindi

Translate thrashed into Hindi}
पिटाई, गाहना, ताड़ना, ताड़ना करना

Thrashed: translate from English into Italian

Translate thrashed into Italian}
Picchiato, Battere, Bastonare, Percuotere, Muoversi

Thrashed: translate from English into Korean

Translate thrashed into Korean}
때리다, 뒹굴다, 마구 때리다, 두드리다, 파도를 헤쳐 나아가게 하다, 바람을 거슬러 나아가다, 바람을 헤치고 나아가다, 파도를 거슬러 나아가다, 파도를 헤치고 나아가다, 격파하다, 바람을 거슬러 나아가게 하다, 바람을 헤쳐 나아가게 하다, 파도를 거슬러 나아가게 하다

Thrashed: translate from English into Russian

Translate thrashed into Russian}
Избитый, Бить, Молотить, Отлупить, Пороть, Побеждать, Взгреть, Потрепать, Побеждать в борьбе

Thrashed: translate from English into Spanish

Translate thrashed into Spanish}
Goleado, Golpear, Azotar, Trillar, Apalear, Zurrar, Dar una paliza, Fustigar, Agitar mucho, Mover violentamente, Cascar, Dar golpes

Word origin

Old English, variant of thresh (an early sense). Current senses of the noun date from the mid 19th century.

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