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The meaning of Termination

Termination – definition


The action of terminating something or the fact of being terminated.

Usage examples:

The termination of a contract

A word's final syllable or letters or letter, especially when constituting an element in inflection or derivation.

Usage examples:

Bantu languages were praised for their terminations at the beginning, so that the words are inflect…

An ending or result of a specified kind.

Usage examples:

A good result and a happy termination

The act of ending something, or the end of something

Usage examples:

Executive directors are entitled to 12 months' notice of termination of their contracts., all benef…

Termination translation into English

Termination: translate from English into Chinese

Translate termination into Chinese (Simplified)}
终止, 结束, 穷期

Termination: translate from English into Dutch

Translate termination into Dutch}
Beëindiging, Einde, Afloop, Eind, Begrenzing, Slot, Uitgang van woord

Termination: translate from English into French

Translate termination into French}
Résiliation, Terminaison, Fin, Licenciement, Dénonciation, Conclusion, Avortement

Termination: translate from English into German

Translate termination into German}
Beendigung, Kündigung, Ende, Abbruch, Ablauf, Erlöschen, Aufkündigung, Schluss, Aufhören

Termination: translate from English into Hindi

Translate termination into Hindi}
समापन, समाप्ति, अंत, अवसान, विभक्ति, शेष, ख़ातमा

Termination: translate from English into Italian

Translate termination into Italian}
Cessazione, Fine

Termination: translate from English into Korean

Translate termination into Korean}
종료, 종점, 어미, 결말, 바지

Termination: translate from English into Russian

Translate termination into Russian}
Прекращение, Окончание, Конец, Исход, Истечение срока, Предел, Результат

Termination: translate from English into Spanish

Translate termination into Spanish}
Terminación, Cabo

Word origin

late Middle English (in the sense ‘determination, decision’): from Old French, or from Latin terminatio(n- ), from terminare ‘to limit, end’.

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