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The meaning of Terminal

Terminal – definition


Forming or situated at the end or extremity of something.

Usage examples:

A terminal date

(of a disease) predicted to lead to death, especially slowly; incurable.

Usage examples:

Terminal cancer

Done or occurring each school, college, university, or law term.

Usage examples:

Terminal examinations

The end of a railway or other transport route, or a station at such a point.

Usage examples:

A freight terminal

A point of connection for closing an electric circuit.

Usage examples:

Battery terminals

A device at which a user enters data or commands for a computer system and which displays the received output.

Usage examples:

Each morning intelligence analysts log on at their computer terminals and enter the dictionary syst…

Another term for terminus (sense 3 of the noun).


A patient suffering from a terminal illness.

Terminal translation into English

Terminal: translate from English into Chinese

Translate terminal into Chinese (Simplified)}

Terminal: translate from English into Dutch

Translate terminal into Dutch}
Terminal, Klem, Eindstation, Eindstandig, Eind, Eind-, Einde, Periodiek, Eindlettergreep, Grens-

Terminal: translate from English into French

Translate terminal into French}
Terminal, Borne, Aérogare, Terminus, Incurable, Mortel, Maximal, Trimestriel

Terminal: translate from English into German

Translate terminal into German}
Terminal, Pol, Endstation, Endbahnhof, Begrenzend, Grenz-, End-, Schluss-

Terminal: translate from English into Hindi

Translate terminal into Hindi}
टर्मिनल, अंतिम, अवसान, अंतिम स्टेशन, टेर्मिन्ल, चरम, आवधिक, समय-समय पर

Terminal: translate from English into Italian

Translate terminal into Italian}
Terminale, Terminal, Capolinea, Finale, Estremità, Incurabile, Stazione terminale

Terminal: translate from English into Korean

Translate terminal into Korean}
단말기, 말단, 종점, 전극, 학기 시험, 하역 요금, 신경 종말, 끝머리 장식, 정생의, 끝의, 정기의, 말기의, 명사의

Terminal: translate from English into Russian

Translate terminal into Russian}
Терминал, Клемма, Концевой, Вокзал, Терминальный, Конечный, Заключительный, Конечная станция, Конечный пункт, Смертельный, Конечный слог, Здание аэропорта, Электрическая клемма, Ввод или вывод, Крайность, Крайняя степень, Умирающий, Высшая степень, Периодический, Периодически повторяющийся, Семестровый, Конечное слово, Чудовищный

Terminal: translate from English into Spanish

Translate terminal into Spanish}
Terminal, Borne, Final, Polo, Trimestral

Word origin

early 19th century: from Latin terminalis, from terminus ‘end, boundary’.

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