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The meaning of Tear-down

Tear-down – definition


Tear down so as to make flat with the ground

phrasal verb

Demolish something, especially a building.

Usage examples:

They tore down an old barn for lumber
phrasal verb

Criticize or punish someone severely.

Usage examples:

They tear a man down and threaten him and then they give him another chance
phrasal verb

To intentionally destroy a building or other structure because it is not being used or it is not wanted any more

Usage examples:

They're going to tear down the old hospital and build a new one.

Tear-down translation into English

Tear-down: translate from English into Chinese

Translate tear-down into Chinese (Simplified)}
拆除, 拆毁, 拆

Tear-down: translate from English into Dutch

Translate tear-down into Dutch}
Scheuren, Afbreken, Afscheuren

Tear-down: translate from English into French

Translate tear-down into French}
Abattre, Démolir, Démonter, Démanteler

Tear-down: translate from English into German

Translate tear-down into German}
Niederreißen, Herunterreißen, Abbrechen, Wegreißen, Umreißen

Tear-down: translate from English into Hindi

Translate tear-down into Hindi}
चीथड़े कर दो, बेतहाशा भागना, बेतहाशा दौड़ना, हवा से बातें करना, तेज़ी से चलना, ग़लत साबित करना, ग़लत ठहराना, झूठा साबित करना, झूठा ठहराना, खंडन करना, तरदीद करना, तबाह करना, नष्ट करना, गिरा देना, गिराना, ढहाना

Tear-down: translate from English into Italian

Translate tear-down into Italian}
Demolire, Tirare giù

Tear-down: translate from English into Korean

Translate tear-down into Korean}
허물다, 헐다

Tear-down: translate from English into Russian

Translate tear-down into Russian}
Срывать, Сносить, Опровергать, Мчаться, Нестись

Tear-down: translate from English into Spanish

Translate tear-down into Spanish}
Demoler, Echar abajo, Arrancar, Quitar, Marcharse, Irse de éxito, Abandonar, Salir de, Quedar, Meter abajo, Olvidar

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