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The meaning of Tailing


Tailing – definition


The residue of something, especially ore.

Usage examples:

Tailings from the mine may contaminate local waterways

The action of cutting the stalks or ends off fruit or vegetables.

Usage examples:

The green beans only needed topping and tailing

The part of a beam or projecting brick or stone embedded in a wall.

Usage examples:

After tooling, cut off mortar tailings with trowel and brush excess mortar burrs and dust from face…

Follow and observe (someone) closely, especially in secret.

Usage examples:

A flock of paparazzi had tailed them all over london

Provide with a tail.

Usage examples:

Her calligraphy was topped by banners of black ink and tailed like the haunches of fabulous beasts

(of an object in flight) drift or curve in a particular direction.

Usage examples:

The next pitch tailed in on me at the last second

Remove the stalks or ends of (fruit or vegetables) in preparation for cooking.


Pull on the end of (a rope) after it has been wrapped round the drum of a winch a few times, in order to prevent slipping when the winch rotates.


Join (one thing) to another.

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Achtervolgen, Staart

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미행, 마지막 부분, 체질하고 남은 자갈, 사라사를 물들일 때 생긴 흠, 벽돌 등의 벽에 박혀 있는 부분

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Word origin

Old English tæg(e)l, from a Germanic base meaning ‘hair, hairy tail’; related to Middle Low German tagel ‘twisted whip, rope's end’. The early sense of the verb (early 16th century) was ‘fast

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