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The meaning of Tacking

Tacking – definition


Fasten or fix in place with tacks.

Usage examples:

He used the tool to tack down sheets of fibreboard

Change course by turning a boat's head into and through the wind.

Usage examples:

Their boat was now downwind and they had to tack

A small, sharp broad-headed nail.

Usage examples:

Tacks held the remaining rags of carpet to the floor

A long stitch used to fasten fabrics together temporarily, prior to permanent sewing.


A method of dealing with a situation or problem; a course of action or policy.

Usage examples:

As she could not stop him going she tried another tack and insisted on going with him

An act of changing course by turning a boat's head into and through the wind, so as to bring the wind on the opposite side.

Usage examples:

Royal caribbean has recognized that it is heading for this iceberg, and its captains have ordered a…

A rope for securing the corner of certain sails.


The quality of being sticky.

Usage examples:

Cooking the sugar to caramel gives tack to the texture

Equipment used in horse riding, including the saddle and bridle.

Usage examples:

New materials will also be used for tack and horse equipment.

Cheap, shoddy, or tasteless material.

Usage examples:

This pop will never trivialize itself and be described as cheap tack

Long, loose stitches that are used to hold two pieces of cloth together temporarily before they are sewn together in a neater and permanent way

Usage examples:

Remove the tacking., suits are typically sold with tacking stitches holding the vent at the back of…

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Overstag gaan

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Heften, Anheften

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Word origin

Middle English (in the general sense ‘something that fastens one thing to another’): probably related to Old French tache ‘clasp, large nail’.

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