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The meaning of Tackier


Tackier – definition


(of glue, paint, or other substances) not fully dry and retaining a slightly sticky feel.

Usage examples:

The paint was still tacky

Showing poor taste and quality.

Usage examples:

Even in her faintly tacky costumes, she won our hearts

(of a substance) sticky

Usage examples:

I left a fingerprint in the tacky paint., she reads those tacky romance novels.

Tackier translation into English

Tackier: translate from English into Chinese

Translate tackier into Chinese (Simplified)}
俗气的, 发粘的, 寒酸的

Tackier: translate from English into Dutch

Translate tackier into Dutch}
Tackier, Smakeloos, Kleverig, Onhandig, Haveloos

Tackier: translate from English into French

Translate tackier into French}
Plus collant, Collant, Poisseux, Moche, Ringard, Minable, Vulgaire, Tocard, Englué

Tackier: translate from English into German

Translate tackier into German}
Klebriger, Klebrig, Schäbig, Billig, Ordinär

Tackier: translate from English into Hindi

Translate tackier into Hindi}
टैकिएर, चिपचिपा, लसदार

Tackier: translate from English into Italian

Translate tackier into Italian}
Più pacchiano, Viscoso

Tackier: translate from English into Korean

Translate tackier into Korean}
끈적끈적한, 초라한, 진득진득한, 일부러 이상한 옷차림을 한

Tackier: translate from English into Russian

Translate tackier into Russian}
Безвкуснее, Липкий, Обшарпанный, Броский, Аляповатый, Ветхий, Кричащий

Tackier: translate from English into Spanish

Translate tackier into Spanish}
Más pegajoso, Pegajoso, Vulgar, Cursi, Destartalado, Feo, Estrafalario, Malo, Raído, Peliagudo, Enfermo, Malvado, Malísimo, Lleno de lacras, De vicios, Pasado, Dañado, Podrido, Desaliñado

Word origin

early 19th century: of unknown origin. Early use was as a noun denoting a horse of little value, later applied to a poor white in some Southern states of the US, hence ‘shabby, cheap, in bad

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