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The meaning of Surrender

Surrender – definition


Stop resisting to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.

Usage examples:

Over 140 rebels surrendered to the authorities

Give up or hand over (a person, right, or possession), typically on compulsion or demand.

Usage examples:

In 1815 denmark surrendered norway to sweden

The action of surrendering to an opponent or powerful influence.

Usage examples:

The final surrender of germany on 8 may 1945

The action of surrendering a lease or life insurance policy.

Usage examples:

As a consequence of the approach adopted by insurance companies on the early surrender of endowment…

Relinquish possession or control over


To stop fighting and accept defeat

Usage examples:

They would rather die than surrender., u.s. magistrate celeste bremer restricted gruenwald’s travel…

To give up something or control over something

Usage examples:

Generally, the amount paid by the lessee to surrender the lease will be liable to capital gains tax…

Surrender translation into English

Surrender: translate from English into Chinese

Translate surrender into Chinese (Simplified)}
投降, 降服, 屈服, 投诚, 降, 瘗, 挹

Surrender: translate from English into Dutch

Translate surrender into Dutch}
Overgave, Overgeven, Afstand, Inlevering, Zich overgeven, Overleveren, Capituleren, Afstand doen van

Surrender: translate from English into French

Translate surrender into French}
Abandon, Remise, Cession, Abandonner, Capitulation, Céder, Renoncer à, Capituler, Se livrer

Surrender: translate from English into German

Translate surrender into German}
Aufgeben, Kapitulation, Auslieferung, Übergeben, Übergabe, Kapitulieren, Herausgabe, Überlassung, Aufgabe, Ausliefern, Preisgeben, Ergebung, Sich ergeben, Herausgeben, Preisgabe, Kündigung, Sich stellen, Kündigen

Surrender: translate from English into Hindi

Translate surrender into Hindi}
हार मान लेना, आत्मसमर्पण, अभ्यर्पण, हार, छोड़ देना, हार मानना, त्याग देना, घुटने टेकना

Surrender: translate from English into Italian

Translate surrender into Italian}
Arrendersi, Resa, Cedere, Consegnare, Capitolazione, Cessione, Abbandonare, Capitolare, Rendersi, Rinunciare a

Surrender: translate from English into Korean

Translate surrender into Korean}
항복, 인도, 버리다, 보험 해양, 인도하다, 해약하다, 몸을 맡기다, 항복하다, 함락하다, 투항하다

Surrender: translate from English into Russian

Translate surrender into Russian}
Сдаваться, Сдача, Капитуляция, Капитулировать, Отказ, Сдавать, Уступать, Отказываться, Подчиняться, Предаваться, Поддаваться

Surrender: translate from English into Spanish

Translate surrender into Spanish}
Rendición, Entrega, Rendirse, Entregar, Entregarse, Rendir, Renuncia, Capitulación, Abandono, Cesión, Dar

Word origin

late Middle English (chiefly in legal use): from Anglo-Norman French (see sur-1, render).

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