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The meaning of Subsist

Subsist – definition


Maintain or support oneself, especially at a minimal level.

Usage examples:

He subsisted on welfare and casual labour

Remain in force or effect.

Usage examples:

The court may treat a contract as still subsisting

To obtain enough food or money to stay alive

Usage examples:

These people subsist on rice, beans, fruits, and vegetables.

Subsist translation into English

Subsist: translate from English into Chinese

Translate subsist into Chinese (Simplified)}
生存, 活, 度日, 预付款, 活着, 预支款

Subsist: translate from English into Dutch

Translate subsist into Dutch}
Bestaan, Blijven bestaan

Subsist: translate from English into French

Translate subsist into French}
Subsister, Subvenir

Subsist: translate from English into German

Translate subsist into German}
Bestehen, Leben, Existieren, Sich ernähren

Subsist: translate from English into Hindi

Translate subsist into Hindi}
गुजारा करना, होना, रहना, जीवित रहना, प्राणरक्षा करना, जिलाना, निर्वाह करना, प्रचलित रहना

Subsist: translate from English into Italian

Translate subsist into Italian}
Sussistere, Esistere

Subsist: translate from English into Korean

Translate subsist into Korean}
생존하다, 존재하다, 존속하다, ...에게 양식을 공급하다

Subsist: translate from English into Russian

Translate subsist into Russian}
Существовать, Прокормиться, Жить, Аванс в счет зарплаты, Кормиться, Содержать, Пробавляться, Прокормить

Subsist: translate from English into Spanish

Translate subsist into Spanish}
Subsistir, Sustentarse

Word origin

mid 16th century (in the sense ‘continue to exist’): from Latin subsistere ‘stand firm’, from sub- ‘from below’ + sistere ‘set, stand’.

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