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The meaning of Subsiding

Subsiding – definition


Become less intense, violent, or severe.

Usage examples:

I'll wait a few minutes until the storm subsides

(of water) go down to a lower or the normal level.

Usage examples:

The floods subside almost as quickly as they arise

Present participle of subside

Usage examples:

The police are hoping that the violence will soon subside., as the pain in my foot subsided, i was …

Subsiding translation into English

Subsiding: translate from English into Chinese

Translate subsiding into Chinese (Simplified)}
下沉, 塌陷, 平息, 减少, 平复, 下落, 陷落, 退落

Subsiding: translate from English into Dutch

Translate subsiding into Dutch}
Afnemend, Zakken, Luwen, Bedaren, Bekoelen, Tot bedaren komen, Zinken

Subsiding: translate from English into French

Translate subsiding into French}
S'affaisser, Éboulement

Subsiding: translate from English into German

Translate subsiding into German}
Nachlassen, Abklingen, Sinken, Verebben, Verstummen, Sich legen, Absinken, Einsinken, Absacken, Sich beruhigen, Sich senken, Zurücktreten, Verrauchen, Zurückweichen, Einsacken

Subsiding: translate from English into Hindi

Translate subsiding into Hindi}
सबसिडिंग, कम होना, समाप्त होना, धँसना, धसकना, नीचे बैठ जाना

Subsiding: translate from English into Italian

Translate subsiding into Italian}
Placandosi, Placarsi, Abbassarsi, Calmarsi, Calare, Cessare, Sprofondare, Mitigarsi, Adagiare, Ritirare, Lasciarsi cadere

Subsiding: translate from English into Korean

Translate subsiding into Korean}
가라앉는, 앉다, 빠지다, 삐다, 가라앉다

Subsiding: translate from English into Russian

Translate subsiding into Russian}
Стихающий, Утихать, Спадать, Стихать, Оседать, Убывать, Падать, Опускаться, Схлынуть, Умолкать, Успокаиваться, Убыть

Subsiding: translate from English into Spanish

Translate subsiding into Spanish}
Hundimiento, Disminuir, Calmarse, Bajar, Hundirse, Amainarse

Word origin

late 17th century: from Latin subsidere, from sub- ‘below’ + sidere ‘settle’ (related to sedere ‘sit’).

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